Dark Juhani



Rueben_Shan returns quickly to release another mod for the original Knights of the Old Republic game. This time it involves an appearance change for Juhani.

As you finally escape Taris and land on Dantooine, your PC is trained as a Jedi. Your first test is to face off against a Jedi who has turned to the dark side. As you progress through Dantooine, you find a Cathar female Jedi named Juhani who immediately challenges you to a lightsaber duel. After defeating her, you have the option to destroy her or redeem her.

Rueben_Shan decided that since Juhani is on the dark side when dueling her in the grove, she should wear the Dark Jedi robe that you traditionally see throughout the game when taking on different female Dark Jedi. She also has some new Force Powers to use against you. Juhani will also still be wearing that hooded robe when she returns to the Jedi Enclave if you redeem her and when she joins your party, she looks like a common human female Jedi. If these changes appeal to you, then download this mod. Enjoy! :D

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Dark Juhani V. 1.1


Have you ever wondered why Juhani looks like Jedi in the grove, even when she says she is a Dark Jedi?  Well not anymore...
This simple mod turns Juhani in the grove and before she goes with you on your mission to save the Republic to a Dark Jedi, 
instead of a Cathar.  I also modified her alignment on Dantooine to the Darkside... and I gave her level 9, plus Force 
Shock and Lightning.  

New Things about the mod

To augment the "human" look,  I've also turned Juhani into a Jedi human... you'll see some of them 
walking around the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

I fixed the file that was supposed to turn her into a Dark Jedi in the Enclave...

Extract all the files in the 'Override' directory.

None that I know of... if you find any, e-mail me at [email protected]

Special Thanks to Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool

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