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Happy Memorial Day to everyone who celebrates it! Today we have a special treat from Silveredge9 on this holiday. He has made a new skin for everybody’s favorite Jedi, Bastila Shan, in the original Knights of the Old Republic game.

This new skin is for Bastila when she joins the dark side. It will give her veins on her face and Sith eyes. You will first see it when you confront her on top of the Rakatan Temple. Of course she retains it if you decide to turn fully to the dark side yourself. She also retains it on the Star Forge when you confront her there. It’s like a visual betrayal when you see her with her new look. Then she’s back on the light side when you redeem her and see her again just as you’re leaving the Star Forge.

Of course Bastila has her usual default look when she’s in your party before she is captured. If you want to see her with a dark side look during that part of the game play, you will have to cheat her to the dark side by using the cheats. Information on that is in the readme file.

This mod makes changes to the heads.2da and the portraits.2da file. If you’re using either of those in any of your mods, you will have to make updated changes with the KOTOR Tool to make it compatible with each other. Enjoy the dark side version of Bastila Shan everybody! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Knights of the Old Republic - Darkside Bastila Head Reskin

AUTHOR: Silveredge9
EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: Darkside Bastila Head Reskin
SIZE: 471 KB

DESCRIPTION: A darkside reskin of the Bastila head that emulates the darkside transition that your character goes through. Automatically comes into effect when Bastila falls to the darkside.

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A darkside transition for Bastila that should automatically come into effect whenever Bastila is under the influence of the darkside. So this includes the later point of the game, and whenever you manually alter her alignment. This avoids a situation where Bastila would be look Darkside, even though she might be Light. Also Bastilas portrait should automatically update to reflect her changes in appearance.

If you want to have her darkside appearance active in normal gameplay (aka: pre-leviathan), then open the console when Bastila is the active party member and type;

adddarkside 100

Some alignment issues were fixed with Bastila on the Starforge when you pick the Lightside route. As Bastila was set to Lightside, thus meaning the darkside transition wouldn't be active.

How to Install This Mod
- Place all the files in the ZIP into your OVerride Directory, located in your LucasArts/SWKotOR folder.

How to UnInstall This Mod
- Remove all the listed files above from your OVeride folder.

Contact Info
- Email all questions or comments to: [email protected]

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