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This is an update to the recently submitted Darth Bandons Robes which can be found here: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Darth_Bandons_Robes;50870

The only description the author gave was that he fixed a bug. Here is my previous review of the file.

These robes allow you to become (well at least at some degree) Darth Bandon, you know that macho sith guy, yeah of course you guys know who I'm talking about. Anyways these robes, I find, are well balanced, look great and if your a bad ass sith, this will be a nice addition for your character. According to the readme they will appear when you kill Bandon, so go right ahead and steal his robe right from him.... you big thief you just kiding ;)

- JediKilla



---- Darth Bandon's Robe by Archer ----


I always wanted to get Darth Bandon's Robe 'cause I think that it looks really cool. So I decided to create his Robe. To manage that I used the N_DarthCand – files from RedHawk's „Make Canderous a Dark Jedi“-Mod. For the icon I used the exarkun-robe-icon from deathdisco's „Exar Kun's Tomb“-Mod. To get the robe you have to start a  new game or load a game where you haven't already fought against Bandon. You will find it on his corpse. You can also use cheats to get the Robe: Simply press the ~ button und typ „g_a_mstrrobe46“ without the the quotes.
The stats are (without upgrade) like the one of Darth Revan's Robe. With upgrade it will have 9 Defense-Bonus and a few bonuses.


1.Put all files (except the files in the subfolders!) into your SWKotOR-Override-Directory. Hint: For some reasons there is a file that will replace Darth Revan's Robe (g_a_mstrrobe06.uti). But don't worry, it's the same Robe but for some reasons I had to modify a few things in the file. It is the same file as the one in RedHawk's Revan\Sith\Bastila-Itempack except that it is compatible with this mod. So say yes to override. Perhaps you will be asked to override some N_DarthCand-Files if you have installed RedHawk's „Make Canderous a Dark Jedi“-Mod. That's OK, the files are the same as RedHawk's ones.

2.If you want to have a better looking and improved Star Forge – Robe (the stats are the same as the new stats of Darth Revan's Robe) you should also copy the files from „additional“ into you Override-Folder.

3.If you have installed Darth 333's „Recruitable Darth Bandon“-Mod you will have to install the files in „placeable (with bandon recruit)“because otherwise the „Recruitable Darth Bandon“-Mod won't work any more. If you haven't installed „Recruitable Darth Bandon“ have to copy the files from „placeable (without bandon recruit)“ into your Override-Directory. Important note: The g_bandon001.utc will brake the Bandon-cutscene on the Enda Spire. You will have to put out it when you start a new game and put it back in the Override-Directory after the Bandon-Cutscene was played.

4.In the „appearance“-Folder there are many subfolders and it's required to read this to get this mod working. In the „appearance“-folder there are two main-subfolders: „with BandonRobes“ and „with RevanRobes“. When you start your first game you should install an apperance.2da from this folder. Carth, Canderous and (if you have their recruit-mods installed) Mekel, Uthar, Jorryn, Dustil and every male PC will now wear the sithmaster-armor when they use Darth Revan's robe and a brown Version of the Sith-Master-Armor when they use the StarForge-Robe. Jolee, the female Party-Members and all female PCs will be unaffected. When you have used the Computer on the Star Forge to create the Darth Revan / StarForge-Robe you should put an appearance.2da from „with RevanRobes“ into your Override-Directory if you want to you male PC to have the DarthRevan-Look (from RedHawk) instead of the Sith-Master-Look.
In „with BandonRobes“ and „with RevanRobes“ there are two subfolders in each of them: „.....without clonetrooper“ or „..... - with clonetrooper“. If you have installed PRIME's „KOTOR Republic Clone Trooper Mod“ you will have to use one of the appearance.2da s in „..... - with clonetrooper“-Folder if you don't have installed the Clonetrooper-Mod you should use one of the appearance.2da s in „..... - without clonetrooper“-folder. In the next subfolder there is a  „with sithclothes“- and a  „without sithclothes“-folder. If you use the appearance.2da in the „without sithclothes“-folder the normal clothing of the male and female soldier-PC will be changed into the armor of the Republic soldiers. If you install the appearance.2da in the „with sithclothes“-folder the normal clothing of all PCs will be changed into the grey Sith-Officer-Uniform. I'm sorry that this is so comlicated but there is no way to get around it.

5.„compatibly - files“-Folder:

- the „juhanis darkrobes“-Folder:
If you have installed Juhani's Darkrobes you will have to put the two files in this folder into your Override-Directory. Say yes to override. Note: I have exchanged the names of the two files, so you will get her Darkrobe when you first speak to her and you will get her brown robe when you speak to belaya after you've rescued Juhani. The cheatcodes are (of course) changed too.

- the „mandalorian royalguard – armor“-folder:
If you have installed the Mandalorian Royal Guard – Armor you willhave to put the files in this folder into your Override-Directory. Say yes to override.

- the „portraits.2da“-folder and the „recruit mods“-folder:
If you have installed one of these mods:
 - dustil recruit
 - hyran recruit
 - jorryn recruit
 - mekel recruit (by Tanesh)
 - RedHawk recruit
 - shayla recruit
 - Darth Torren recruit
 - uthar recruit
you will have to put the portraits.2da and the files in the corresponding folder(s) in „recruit mods“  into your Override-Directory.

Delete all files you've copied into your Override-directory.

Terms of Use:
You can use the files from this mod for everything you want but if you publish it, you have to mention me in the readme.

Deathdisco, from whom I have stolen the icon for my robe
RedHawk, whose Textures I used to make this robe 
 I don't have their permission because I didn't find a way to contact them (at lucasforums I wasn't allowed to write pms and noone knew their email-adresses). Sorry but I didn't have any chance to contact them and get their permission.

Kristykistic, who helped me with some problems I had when I created this mod.

And at last:

Enjoy the mod.

If you find any bugs or if you have problems with using this mod, please write me a mail (my e-mail address: [email protected]) and I'll try to help you with the problem.

Sorry for my bad English but I'm fom Germany.

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