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Darth Bane was a Dark Lord of the Sith that was introduced to us for Star Wars fanatics to learn about back in 1999 when the The Phantom...


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Darth Bane was a Dark Lord of the Sith that was introduced to us for Star Wars fanatics to learn about back in 1999 when the The Phantom Menace came out. What we learned is about 1000 years before the events of The Phantom Menace, Darth Bane instituted the Rule of Two. The reason for that was to control the Sith from wiping each other out because of the greed for power. As you may notice that many Sith are running around the Knights of the Old Republic games because it is 3000 years before Darth Bane was ever born. Darth Bane made it so there is just one master and one apprentice because Sith Lords would get themselves in trouble for taking on multiple apprentices because the two apprentices would gang up on the master. We even saw an example of this during Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. Darth Traya had two apprentices; Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus. They both ganged up on their master. This is something Darth Bane needed to stop if the Sith Order were to survive.

Silveredge9 is back with an new head skin based on the Dark Lord of the Sith who instituted the Rule of Two. This head will replace the third male Asian Head. Yes, this head has been replaced a lot recently with other mod replacement heads, but the reason for that is because of the need to use a bald head for those particular mods and this is one of those times.

Since you’re going to be Darth Bane, you will always look like you’re on the dark side of the Force. That means if you even stay on the path of the light, you’re going to have Sith eyes, and the tattoos around the eyes.

There is are two custom portraits you can choose from; one is a game shot of the head itself you would use and another is from artwork that gives you a visual of Darth Bane. The author also made a new robe based on the Revan/Star Forge hoodless style model for you to wear as the Dark Lord. The robe can be bought. See the readme for more information on how to get it. The mod looks great as usual from Silveredge9. Enjoy the new head! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'darth_bane_pack.rar' (1.05MB)

Knights of the Old Republic - Darth Bane Pack

AUTHOR: Silveredge9
EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: Darth Bane Pack

DESCRIPTION: A reskin of the PMHA03 Bald Asian head to mirror the appearance of the character 'Darth Bane' from numerous Star Wars sources. Also included, an original reskin of the default Darth Revan robe - accessible through normal gameplay.

How to Install This Mod
- Open the Zip file. Choose which set of player portraits you wish to install and unzip the contents of the corrosponding folder into your override folder.
- Unzip everything else included in the .rar file (except the portrait files you don't want) into your override folder.

- The single Darth Bane head fully replaces PMHA03 and all Dark Side transitions.
- The "Bane of the Sith" robe can be found during normal gameplay. You can buy it for 2000 Credits from the Czerka Representative at Dreshdae. Otherwise you can type "giveitem bane_robe" into the console to get the robes anytime you want.
- There are 2 sets of player portraits included. Choose which set you like best and install the corrosponding files. A comparison of the included sets is included in the screenshots.

File Contents
- PMHA03.tga x 1
- PMHA03d.tga x 1
- PMHA03d1.tga x 1
- PMHA03d2.tga x 1
- PMHA03d3.tga x 1
- PO_pmha3.tga x 2
- PO_pmha3d.tga x 2
- PO_pmha3d1.tga x 2
- PO_pmha3d2.tga x 2
- PO_pmha3d3.tga x 2
- pmbj54.tga
- pmbj54.txi
- bane_robe.uti
- czerkastore.uti
- ia_revan_054.tga

How to UnInstall This Mod
- Remove all listed files from the Override Folder in the KOTOR directory.

Contact Info
- Email all questions or comments to: [email protected]

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