Darth Malak - IMPROVED

Are you tired of kicking Malak's ass? I know I am....so get ready guys and girls for the new and improved Malak! Here we have one beefed up...


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Are you tired of kicking Malak's ass? I know I am....so get ready guys and girls for the new and improved Malak! Here we have one beefed up dude ready to give you a whoopin :P This little mod does what it is meant to and to great effect. Have fun guys ;)

- JediKilla

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Title: Darth Malak - IMPROVED
Author: Shem
Date Released: 10/27/05

Description	: Is Darth Malak just getting too easy?  If think so, then this mod is for you.  If Darth Malak is just right or still too hard, I would not download this mod yet.  It's pretty easy to guess by the title of this mod that Darth Malak is going to be a tougher opponent.  How I did it is your question.  Well, here is your answer.

Darth Malak in default has these stats (for those who didn't know).
Strength 29
Dexterity 18
Constitution 23
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 15
Charisma 20

What I have done is add ten points to each of those stats.  Darth Malak 
Now has these stats
Strength 39
Dexterity 28
Constitution 33
Intelligence 25
Wisdom 25
Charisma 30

I also made his lightsaber more deadly.  Malak's lightsaber by damage by default is 2-16 energy damage.  I changed that so now it's 42-56 energy damage.  So be prepared.  I also have given Malak new feats.

Improved Toughness
Master Toughness

Still not enough for you?  Malak now regenerates his life.  He regenerates 20 of his vitality points every two seconds.  If you are wondering if that is it.  It isn't.  Malak also has been given an extra 10 points to his Defense Bonus.  Oh, and I also have given him an extra 10 points to his Attack Bonus.

What I did something very simple.  As some of you have found out, to get Darth Malak's lightsaber, you type in "giveitem g_w_lghtsbr06".  However, when you fight Darth Malak on the Star Forge, his lightsaber is using a different tag.  I simple modified the different tag to improve Darth Malak.  These reason why I chose to modify his lightsaber stats instead of Malak's tag is because the tag used for Malak in the final duel is the same tag used on Deck 3 on the Star Forge.  As some modders have found out that if you modify a person's tag and there is another in the same that has the same name, then if screws up one of the spawns in the game.

Very Important:When you put in the mod, don't just open a save that has you on Deck 4, where you go and confront Malak on the Star Forge.  Your current game CAN NOT be on the final duel, or the new modification will not take effect.  You will have to go to a previous save that never has been on the final duel map.  If your closest save is a long ways away from Malak, and you really want to test it out right away, I would suggest you warp to Deck 4 of the Star Forge.  To do that type "warp sta_m45ad" (without quotes).			

Instructions:Just put the .uti file in the Override directory folder and enjoy the new challege from Darth Malak.

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