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When I saw Darth Malak for the first time in a trailer advertising Knights of the Old Republic as an upcoming game, I really felt a chill go up my spine as I felt we were going to be in for a treat with the new Dark Lord that was created. Fourteen months later the game finally came out and it started as any Star Wars movie does. I read the open crawl and found out that Darth Malak was not the bad boy I thought he was. When it talked about Malak being the surviving apprentice to Darth Revan, I realized that he was a villain who took a back seat to Revan in terms of his power; otherwise he wouldn’t have been in the apprentice role when working with Revan.

Malak was tall. I suppose the official or unofficial height of Malak is just over two meters. That would put him around 6’6” or 6’7”. I totally disagree with this height listing as he’s just about as tall at Zaalbar, and both of them tower above the average sized humans you see in the game. I would list him around 7’0” based on the height you see in the game.

DarthHK makes his FileFront debut bringing us a mod that gives you a robe that you can wear to look like Darth Malak. Not only that he gives you some beefed up stats to wear along with it. The Malak model has the same fighting animations as you see with Darth Nihilus in TSL. The model also has missing animations, some of them combat, but not ones you would have in a one on one battle with a Jedi. BioWare saw no need to put those in since they didn’t plan on someone being Malak. Things like unlocking doors and opening containers is where you’ll see the lack of animations.

Make sure you use single-handed weapons; either a sword or lightsaber. Using a blaster will look funny has he has no animations for that, nor does have animations for hand-to-hand combat. Using dual weapons or a double-bladed lightsaber won’t work well either as again it will be missing the animations for that too.

Make sure you read the readme for what kinds of stats you’ll get with the robe and how to cheat to get it. Enjoy the Malak appearance robe! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Malak's Robes
Release Date: 6/2/2008
Author: DarthHK
You can use this mod in others if you want, but please just give me credit for what I did. I'm 
hoping to release a TSL version by Wednesday (I'm going to be busy tommorrow)
Concept:  Well it seems lots of people have been asking for something like this and I was very
surprised that nobody has done this (that I know of) so I decided to take it as my own duty to 
make this simple mod that makes you Darth Malak by using an item.  
(now we can have Malak v. Malak vids! oh the canon horror.) This is my
3rd attempt at modding and my 1st sucessful attempt so it's not going to exactly be the best 
thing you've ever downloaded... anyhoo on to the robes!

Story: These are the robes of Darth Malak.  
He was an extremely powerful Sith Lord who almost conquered the galaxy.  
He was the apprentice of Darth Revan before Revan was redeemed and killed Malak.  
It is unknown how they have been found today since it was thought that they were destroyed 
along with Malak on the Star Forge.

Stats: Darn this'll take a while.  I'll just put this in groups to save time.  Yes I'm this lazy.
Defense Bonus +10
All skills +10
All Attributes +10
Blaster Deflection +10
Regeneration 10
Regeneration Force 10
Disguise as Darth Malak (obviously)
Power Attack tree
Flurry tree
Critical Strike tree
Jedi Defense tree
Force Jump tree
Toughness tree
Implant Level tree
Lightsaber Usage tree
Force Focus tree
Dueling tree

Installation: Extract all of the files from the Override folder into your Override folder in your
installation directory.  If you don't have one simply make one.  Ignore the Source folder.  
It's for modders who may want to improve on my robes.

Usage: In-game if you use cheats hit ~ and type: giveitem g_a_malak02
I haven't included his saber in this mod since it's already in the vanilla game.
For the Bioware saber type: giveitem g_w_lghtsbr06
That's it!  (Note you must have your Jedi Class to wear them)
DarthHK: making the mod (duh)
Shem and Mandalorian16965: for making the tutorials I used.  Thanks guys!
Fred Tetra: The guy that made KOTOR tool. 'nuff said, I think.
BIOWARE/LUCASARTS: making KOTOR, a truly amazing game.
All you guys at kotorfiles:for downloading my mod and using it.  I feel some sense of honor or 

Good luck with whatever you guys do in life and may you succeed at everything you.

Marcus Snow

3 years ago

Is there any way to place them in game for those playing android (and don't have a command prompt?)