Darth Revan Cutscene Force Power Fix



Kristy Kistic is back again. That’s always good news. Back in late 2005 when I first saw some of Kristy’s work, I was very impressed. The site where she hosted her work didn’t have a comment section like we do here, so I took the time to email her and compliment her work. I had a thought and knew it could be long shot, but I decided to bring it up anyway because I felt I had nothing to lose.

As many of you have noticed, the Darth Revan robes model used for the cut scenes were not in normal game play, so they were not completed by Bioware. Modders (including myself) found ways to get access to the robes and have your character wear them. There were many problems because the model was incomplete. One of the major things that bothered me was that the visible Force Powers like Drain and Lightning came out of the feet instead of the hands.

I noticed Kristy’s work in models early on and wondered if she would be up to finding out how to fix that. Shortly after complimenting her work and asking if she could look into it, she fixed the problem.

This “fixed” version of the Darth Revan cut scene models includes the masked version, the unmasked male and female versions, and a more feminine model that Kristy designed personally. In fact, it was her work on making the female version of the model that inspired me to ask her to look into it since she showed that she’s a talent with working with models.

This mod has an update never released before. Not only are the Force Powers fixed like they should, but helpers are fixed too. Some of you may notice that the camera will go in funny places at times with the Revan models, like if you do a Force Jump. Kristy took the time to fix that. The best possible Darth Revan models for the original Knights of the Old Republic game is now available for download. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Mod:			Revan Cutscene Force Power Fix
Version:		1.01
Date:			10-30-2005
Author:		Kristy Kistic
Game:		Kotor 1
Last Build:		02-22-2007

This fixes the Revan cutscene models with all the helpers that are supposed to be on character models. solves the issue of force lightning emanating from the feet. Includes the masked Revan model, the male and female models, and my more feminine Revan model. 

Hope you enjoy and may Jesus bless you :)


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