Darth Revan Cutscene Force Power Fix



Do you really think if BioWare knew ahead of time how popular the character of Darth Revan would be and how far we would get into modding that they would have completed the Darth Revan model? Do you even wonder what the modelers that worked for BioWare when Knights of the Old Republic was being made regret their lack of work on the Darth Revan model? It is something to speculate on. More than likely they probably don’t care, but one can wonder, right?

After Drizen released his fixed Darth Revan Robe mod and masked only model that had the fixed shaders, it came to KristyKistic’s attention that when she made an update to her Darth Revan model fixes that the shaders went were lost. As a modder myself, I can sometimes overlook some things and this is one of those cases. After realizing this, she went back and fixed the issue. The funny thing is when she originally did the Force Power fix back in October 2005, the fixed models had the shaders. The difference with her updated release earlier this year, she fixed the camera issues the model has.

This pack has the masked, male and female versions of the models. Kristy also included in this model pack is the optional more feminine Darth Revan robe model. This means she’s bustier and a more feminine looking body. Keep in mind that this mod will not give you Revan’s robes; it just helps fix the issue with other Revan Robe mods out there.

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Mod:				Revan Cutscene Force Power Fix
Version:			1.02
Author:			Kristy Kistic
Game:			Kotor 1
Contact:			http://www.kristykistic.110mb.com/contact.php
Original Release:		October 30, 2005
Last Build:			December 21, 2007

This update fixes the issue with no shader being on the models. Sorry for the inconvenience!

This fixes the Revan cutscene models with all the helpers that are supposed to be on the character models. Solves the issue of force lightning emanating from the feet. Includes the masked Revan model, the male and female models, and my more feminine Revan model. 

Please note: These are the model files only! ( They go in your override. ) This mod will not give you the ability to actually wear Revan's robes. There are plenty of other mods available that do that part.

Hope you enjoy and may Jesus bless you :)


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