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There have been many Revan's Robes mods over the years, but this is the first one to grace FileFront. Each mod that gives the player Revan's robes is slightly different, usually in the placement of the robes within the game. Generally I tended to believe there was a reason they were stashed on the Star Forge in the first place, although the whole backstory of the Star Forge actually making the robes never made sense to me since Revan was clearly wearing them in the Dantooine vision with Malak before he ever found the Star Forge. Oh well!

Anyway, my point was there is a reason you shouldn't have the robes right at the beginning of the game, which this mod does. It gives you the robes right at the beginning, on the Endar Spire, before you're ever able to set foot out of that first room. There's a good side to this and a bad side. Good side: You have Revan's robes! Yay! Bad side: You can't use them yet, and you won't be able to for quite some time (unless of course you cheat). As always, they are limited to dark side only, meaning of course you must be a Jedi, and then manage to get yourself over to the dark side of the Force. That takes a bit of time -- you at least have to wait until Dantooine. Personally I would have found it more believable to have the robes stashed away on Dantooine. It doesn't seem to me like the Jedi council would have just given you Revan's robes.

But regardless of the details, this mod does exactly as it promises -- it gives you Darth Revan's robes, both the robes and the mask, in case you want to see your pretty little face in that hood. It does exactly what it's meant to do, and that's the most important point. Give it a download now if by some chance you don't yet have a Revan's robes mod and you want to run around the galaxy pretending to be the Dark Lord.

((Psst, don't include any spoilers in the comments, please. Believe or not, not everyone in the galaxy has played through the entire game yet! Thanks!))


February 24, 2007: Go HERE to get Kristy Kistic's fixed Darth Revan model to use with this mod.

Then with the male unmasked model files, make three copies of each N_DarthRevanM.mdl and N_DarthRevanM.mdx files. Name one copy pmbjl.mdl, pmbjl.mdx, the next one pmbjm.mdl, pmbjm.mdx, and the last one pmbjs.mdl, pmbjs.mdx.

For the female ones, either pick out the original look or the more feminine look. The file names are N_DarthRevanF.mdl and N_DarthRevanF.mdx and make three copies of each. Name one copy pfbjl.mdl, pfbjl.mdx, the next one pfbjm.mdl, pfbjm.mdx, and the last one pfbjs.mdl, pfbjs.mdx. Then put them in the override folder. Make sure when you rename them that you don't rename the extensions (the .mdl and .mdx).

With the masked version, just dump Kristy's version in the override folder. No renaming is needed. :D




Title: Darth Revan's Robes
Author: Shem
Date Released: 6/8/06

Description: In this mod, you can wear Darth Revan's robes with the hood and cape.  I've seen so many people requesting that mod, yet it wasn't on this site.  So now it's availible here at FileFront.  I also made it so you can wear these robes as soon as you get your Jedi Class.  These robes drop in your inventory as soon as Trask joins your party on the Endar Spire.

If have a game in progress and want to wear them right away, just type in "g_a_mstrrobe06" (without the quotes) for Darth Revan's robes.  Type in "g_a_mstrrobe07" (without the quotes) for the Star Forge robes that take on the hood and cape like Darth Revan's robes do for you light siders.  Also, if you want to wear the mask, and your game is in progress so it didn't drop in your inventory at the beginning of the game, just type in "revanmask" (without the quotes).  Please keep in mind that Darth Revan's robes, and his mask are restricted to the dark side.

Instructions: Put all the files in the override folder, which is located in the SWKotOR folder, where you installed the game.

Please Note: The Darth Revan model has some clipping issues that can't be fixed.  When you run, the feet will clip through the cape, and when you are not wearing Revan's mask, the face will at times clip through the hood.  There's nothing that anybody can do about that.  Blame Bioware for not completing the model.


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