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Darth Revan is THE reason generally why people love the Knights of the Old Republic series. If you have never played the first Kn...


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Darth Revan is THE reason generally why people love the Knights of the Old Republic series. If you have never played the first Knights of the Old Republic all the way through, I would quit reading this review right this minute. If you choose to continue reading, I will not be held responsible for any spoilers you may read.

Back to Revan. This Sith Lord has captured our imaginations. The idea of playing with your custom PC through many hours of playing and later finding out that you were once the Dark Lord of the Sith really can shock you if you had no idea that it was coming. I think because I was older was the reason why it had more affect on me than the revelation of Darth Vader telling Luke Skywalker that he was his father. I was 4 years old when Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back made it to the theater in 1980, so I was too young for it to really hit me as hard as when I found out that “you” are Revan. I wish I could have had both surprises hit me in the same year and compare the shock value as an adult.

We did have a fixed Revan robe mod released earlier this year by Kristy Kistic. If you’re not familiar with what I mean “fixed”, it means the Force Powers come right out of the hands instead of the feet like BioWare had it happening when they failed to complete the model. This does not fix the issue of Revan’s stiff cape and hood.

Making his FileFront debut is Drizen, who decided to make his own version of the fixed robe with the added shaders that for some reason was missing from Kristy’s latest version. When Kristy originally released both Knights of the Old Republic versions, they had the shaders, but not for her updated releases that made it to FileFront.

This only fixes the masked version of Revan’s robes. It does not include models for the male and female hood and unmasked versions like Kristy did. The author so far has only made this for the first Knights of the Old Republic game.

Not only does this include the fix, but its own UTI file that contains Revan’s robe and it’s item placed on Korriban in the Shyrack Cave. You can find it on a corpse that includes a data pad with information on how Revan’s robes made it to Korriban and are found where your PC finds it. I really enjoyed reading the story. The stats of the robe that gives you the full masked version of the robes will not be any different than the un-hooded version you get on the Star Forge. You’ll have to learn to use Fred’s KOTOR Tool if you want to change that. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


UPDATE: You may be interested in locomonster1's fix for this mod. ~JC

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Download 'revansrobefix.rar' (239KB)


TITLE: Darth Revan's Robes (Fixed)
AUTHOR: Drizen
EMAIL: [email protected]


FILENAME: revansrobefix.rar
DATE RELEASED: 16 December 2007


DESCRIPTION: As we all know, there have been many Revan's Robe mods in the past, so what sets this one apart from all the others? Well, if you are tired of searching for a Revan's Robe mod that is simple, standalone, and just works, look no further. In this mod, you will get to wear Revan's robes from the cutscenes of the game, complete with mask and cape as usual, and it does not replace any default items. However in addition, you have the option to apply a model fix which will correct the issues that many Revan's Robe mods have had in the past, such as the "camera bouncing" bug and force powers shooting out of your feet instead of your hand. If you have used a mod like Kristy's force power fix in the past, you would think that this is nothing new. However, despite fixing these irritating bugs, Kristy's mod has missing shaders and lighting effects on the model, causing it to look more plain and bland than it is supposed to be. Not so with this mod. You will get the force power and camera bug fix along with the proper shaders and lighting effects applied to the cutscene model. You will get to use it exactly as it appears from the cutscenes, bug-free. You will also have the option to make the robes spawn on a placeable in-game so that you may acquire it without the use of cheats. This option includes a datapad on the placeable which explains how the robes fit into the story. Lastly, there is the option to apply a rename of the original "Darth Revan's Robes" item to display "Dark Star Forge Robes" in your inventory, so you can tell them apart from your actual Darth Revan's Robes.

FULL INSTALLATION: If you want to install this mod with all of the features included as described above, simply extract the mod from the "revansrobefix.rar" file, and move all the files from each of the folders into your KotOR Override directory. The default path for Windows is "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR\Override".

CUSTOM INSTALLATION: If you only want to install specific parts of the mod, extract the mod from the "revansrobefix.rar" file and move the files over to your KotOR Override directory from only the specific folders that you want.

Model Fix - Move the files from this folder over to your KotOR Override directory if you want to apply the model fix which resolves the camera bouncing bug and force power bug while wearing Revan's cutscene robes.

Item Spawn - Move the files from this folder over to your KotOR Override directory if you want to create the robes as a custom item and have them spawn on a placeable in-game so you can acquire them without the use of cheats. This will also spawn a datapad with the robes to explain how they got there.

Item Rename - Move the files from this folder over to your KotOR Override directory if you want to apply a rename of the original "Darth Revan's Robes" item to "Dark Star Forge Robes" so you can distinguish it between your cutscene Darth Revan's Robes.

BUGS: None that I can report at this time, unless of course you consider the clipping in the model when your feet run through the cape. This is not fixable as of yet by any mod currently available though. There have also been problems from people in the past that can't change their appearance to remove the robes even when they have unequipped them from their inventories. I have not experienced this problem so far myself, but if you are one who is concerned for this sort of thing, I recommend unequipping the robes before saving and quitting each session of KotOR.

COMMENTS: I decided to make this mod because I was annoyed with the bugs that were always associated with the Revan's Robe model, and I really wanted to make a mod where it adds the robes into the game, but done so in a professional way so that it fits into the storyline and looks like it was part of the original game. When I heard about Kristy's force power fix, I was excited to think that the major bugs that had always bothered me with the model were finally resolved, but I was soon disappointed because her mod was missing shaders and lighting effects on the robes, thereby defeating the purpose of wearing them to look better. An important note to make: the robes do NOT spawn at the very beginning of the game, and they are dark side only. To give yourself the robes at the beginning of the game using cheats, type "giveitem revans_robe" without quotes in the cheat console. Make sure cheats are enabled when you are doing this. I am not going to tell you where exactly the robes spawn in the game if you want to acquire them the legitimate way. I will leave it up to you to do a little hunting in order to find them. However, I will say that they are not terribly difficult to find as long as you are sure to explore all the regions of the game, including those that are only used for side quests. You will not find them on Taris or on the Endar Spire, so don't worry if you haven't found them yet and can't return to these locations. That is all the clues I am going to leave you with. Enjoy the hunt.

CREDITS: I would like to give special thanks to T7nowhere for his tutorial on adding in the missing helpers on Revan's cutscene robes. I would also like to thank all those of the LucasForums community that helped me develop the mod and provided useful tutorials on modding KotOR. If you are interested in learning how to mod KotOR yourself, visit: www.lucasforums.com and go to the Holowan Laboratories forum. They will provide you with all the tutorials and tools necessary to get you started.


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Thanks for the mod! Really glad to have this. Game's 15 years old in just a couple months and it's better than most games today!


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