DH's Skin Pack



Mod Rating: Beginner

Mod skin packs can be fun when it consists of different variants of different types of characters in one single download. The biggest reason for their popularity is there is usually something in that download a user wants out of it or a variety of things, not necessarily everything in that mod. It’s nice to see some people know that you don’t have to use everything in a mod, though sometimes people do ask that question. :p

Darth Hanhar is back with a combination of different mod releases in one. It’s a skin pack of his different variants of Mandalorian armor, HK-47 skins, and a Vandar into Yoda skin. Each of the different variants are organized into different folders so you can easily make a choice of which types you want.

There are seven different choices for HK-47, three choices for all three different Mandalorian type armors, three choices of Niktos on the three different Mandalorian armors with two different choices for each. The differences with the Mandalorian armors is one has symbols and the other ones do not while there is only one choice for the Master Vandar into Master Yoda. ;)

As for the skins themselves, they’re too bright for my tastes, especially the HK-47 ones. The Vandar into Yoda’s biggest problem is that the robe is totally the wrong color; though if you like that look in Vandar and you think it gives him something to individualize him with a different look, you may actually like it. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Readme: DH's Skin Pack 

Description: This is a skin pack that changes the Nikto and the Mandalorians and Master Vandar and HK-47 the Hk has like 7 versions though.

Install: Place all files into your override foldier.

Permissions: Anyone can use these as long as they tell me and i am in the readme.

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