Double-Bladed Lightsaber Replacements Hilts



Fans of the double-bladed lightsaber are in for a treat in this particular mod release by Oldflash, we have replacement hilts for each double-bladed lightsabers in the original Knights of the Old Republic game. There are two styles of hilts. One is a Jedi style and the other is a Sith style. These are hilts I requested over a year ago because I liked the look to them. They have finally graced FileFront.

If you look at the Jedi looking one, it looks like a natural Jedi hilt that is two in one to be a double-bladed. Those will replace the blue, green, yellow, HotG (orange), and MotF (cyan) blade colors. I’ve been using this particular style for Bastila since she uses a double-bladed lightsaber by default. The Sith looking one replaces the red and purple. I requested those two colors because I noticed that some of the Dark Jedi use purple lightsabers. If you have downloaded my Super Enhanced mods, you will notice that I have added some Dark Jedi and some of them use the purple double-bladed lightsaber in it. It just helps mix up more colors on both sides of the Force. :)

Take note in the pictures that I did those for Oldflash since we have been trying to get all his mods here (he didn’t keep them on his hard-drive) and we couldn’t find the original pictures to these hilts so I made them myself, which brings me to my point. The blade colors are mine, so don’t confuse them as coming with this mod just in case anybody does. Anyway, enjoy the new hilts. :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




[K1] Double-Bladed Lightsaber Replacement
This are hilt replacements for the double-bladed lightsabers.

Drop files from pack in override directory


Fred Tetra, cchargin and Holowan Labs

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