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Mod Rating: Beginner

Gob.Demo.Master brings us as his first mod an Ebon Hawk reskin - which, apparently, is 'more Sith-like'. The screenshots and rating should be pretty self-explanatory: it's a first mod. The author does state in his readme that feedback would be appreciated, so suggestions for improvement might well be in order.

The author has shown a basic competence with texture editing software, and an awareness of both the desaturation tool and methods of recoloring. However, these skills are pretty rudimentary, and he overall effect is somewhat too dark. Furthermore, the actual textures are unaffected, having simply been recolored.

The author might like to consider ways to rectify this and to, for example, reduce the contrast between the screens/lights and the rest of the textures in future revisions. Download if you like black and red. Overall, a reasonable first mod, with room for improvement.

NB: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.

-Darth InSidious

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Download '71ebon_hawk_reskin.zip' (20.34MB)

Ebon Hawk Sith Re-Color v.1.0
0. Introduction: This is my first skin for kotor if you have hints or tips it would be much appreciated.

1. First things first (acknowledgements):
Thanks to Bioware and LucasArts for the great game!
MetalSabre (Member) for the great Idea!

2.This Mod Makes: the Ebon Hawk more "Dark"

3. INSTALLATION:  Ok, this is pretty easy. Unzip in Mod.Zip in the Kotor Override folder, Once have everything in the right place you should then just have to board the ebon hawk and it will look more sith-like.

4.Don't Post this on other sites without my permission or re-post it here!

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