Enhanced Restoration of the Shadowlands

Let the restoration work continue. I’m seeing a lot of excitement over all the restoration work that is being done recently. Giving new li...


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Let the restoration work continue. I’m seeing a lot of excitement over all the restoration work that is being done recently. Giving new life to playing Knights of the Old Republic is a good thing as more and more mods continue to be posted on KotorFiles.

Your friendly neighborhood team of Seamhainn and DarthJebus05 is back with another restoration in beta form for you to check out. This one focuses on the cut module that was going to be one of the shadowlands on Kashyyyk for the first Knights of the Old Republic game. This will give you a whole new area to explore.

I’ll be honest; I haven’t really been up to speed until recently what was cut content for Knights of the Old Republic. I suppose I really never felt the need to look into it since I felt very satisfied with the storyline as it was. Now Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords was a different story for me. I did like the game, especially some of the features and some storyline options you were able to do that the first game didn’t give you the opportunity to do, but after defeating Darth Nihilus, I really didn’t like how the game ended after that. It wasn’t a horrible ending, but it really could have used some work.

Anyway, back to this mod. You will notice that there is a blue female Twi’lek Jedi that looks like Mission Vao. There is also a Master Vos, who was originally a character from the Expanded Universe that George Lucas made a brief mention about in Revenge of the Sith. There is a light and dark side story you can do in this mod; half the fun it finding out how it plays out instead of me telling you about it, right?

Make sure you read the readme about the mod and things the authors want you to watch out for. Well, if you are a fan of restored content, this mod is something to add to the collection. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'enhanced_shadowlands_restoration.zip' (389KB)

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AUTHOR: Seamhainn and DarthJebus05
EMAIL: <Contact Seamhainn personally for his> and [email protected]
NAME: Enhanced Restoration Of The Shadowlands - Beta

Seamhainn - Restoring the cut Shadowland level, adding new characters, dialog, story, a lot
scripts and a few exciting encounters.

DarthInSidious - Making the module available

DSTONEY - For making the incredible map

DarthJebus05 - Complete German-to-English translations.

Danyael27 - Giving Seamhainn the idea of getting a amulet for helping a Wookiee.

The friendly people at Holowan Labs - Helping with the scripting and giving great advice.

FILE SIZE: 388kb Approx.
DATE RELEASED: 8/2/08 (Febuary 8th, 2008)

This enhanced restoration creates 4 new characters, C'Ayla Secura, Master Vos, Lewbacca
and a Sith Ghost/Dark Jedi. A completely new storyline, dangerous creatures, and a
whole new area for the Kashyyk Shadowlands! When you first enter the new area, you will
find yourself staring Viper Kinraths in the face, dangerous Viper's. After killing them,
you will come across a Wookiee in dire need of your help as he is getting attacked by
some kind of creatures.

After helping him defeat the creatures, you are faced with a decision to do the right thing
or kill him. After that, you come across a Padawan of the Jedi Order, Padawan Secura.
She takes you to Master Vos and you can decide to help them with the newly added Sith Ghost,
or kill them both.


Place these files in your Override folder: global.jrl AND lbl_mapm25ab.tga
Place these files in your MODULES Folder: kas_m25aa.mod AND kas_m25ab.mod
Place these files in your LIPS folder: kas_m25ab_loc.mod

COMMENTS: This is a beta version, so please, tell Seamhainn if you find any bugs or whatnot. If you find a error in the
ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS, contact DarthJebus05. (Email up the top)

BUGS: This is the Beat version, so people can spot out bugs that Seamhainn or I missed.

PERMISSIONS: Contact Seamhainn before editing this mod for public use, as he was the creator of this fine mod.

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