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Mandalorians were an interesting type of people. They liked to wear full body armor and live for battle to gain honor in the eyes of their...


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Mandalorians were an interesting type of people. They liked to wear full body armor and live for battle to gain honor in the eyes of their fellow brethren. What’s interesting is if you’re a female player character and some Mandalorian tells you that you would have been a good one too. What’s funny is that you never saw female Mandalorians in Knights of the Old Republic. Enter Inyri Forge! :p

Inyri is back to give us what the first Knights of the Old Republic (and the second, but this isn’t for that game) lacked and that is female Mandalorians. Hey, even the males need some loving; plus they need sons and daughters to carry out Mandalorian traditions. Inyri took the male model and made some changes to it to give you the female version.

The most noticeable feature right away is the breasts. I’m betting that is what most everybody will notice first when seeing the screenshots whether or not they choose to admit it. :p There are some other details you can notice is the more slender body and some female shaping traits that you really have to look to notice. Some masculine traits have been left behind, but as the author has stated herself that she did that on purpose because if a female had to wear that armor all the time, they’re going to be very strong and have some good sized muscles. ;)

The only place where you will see some female Mandalorians in the game from what I can see is Dantooine if you look at the names of the UTC files the author has edited. The author even customized a sound set for them so they will sound female when attacking you.

The TSL Patcher is used to install this mod to make some very necessary compatibility changes for your game. You will need a saved game before going out on the Dantooine plains for these changes to take effect. Make sure you read the instructions in the readme file. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'fem_mandalorian_if.7z' (603KB)

by Inyri Forge

Table of Contents:

1.	Introduction
2.	Description
3.	Installation
4.	Distribution and Usage
5.	Credits and Thanks
6.	Contact
7.	Legal

Mandalorians -- or neo-crusaders as they're popularly known as in this particular game -- are one of the staples of Star Wars lore. Whenever you want to find a 'cool' villain, it's always a Mandalorian... unless it's a dark Jedi, but that's another story. It's rarely pointed out that most of the non-human enemies/NPCs in the game -- Mandalorians, Bith, Ithorians, Rodians -- are all male! Only a few lucky groups get females, the Tusken Raiders and Wookiees first coming to mind. But of course we all know that if Mandalorians want their legacy to go on there must be women somewhere! So someone said "hey, how about a female Mandalorian?" So I did it.


This mod, to be very straightforward, adds female Mandalorians to the game. This is an edit of the original Mandalorian model using Taina's Replacer, so I did my best to feminize the model. It still has a few masculine traits which I did not 'soften up' purposely (even female warriors would be tough as nails... plus Mandalorian gear is heavy armor!). On the whole the model is slimmer and less masculine, although obviously still fit and ready for a fight. It also uses a customized sound set (a mix of default soundsets with a filter over the audio to make it sound like the male Mandalorian).

For kicks I also changed a few of the UTCs on Dantooine to now display the female Mandalorian instead of the male, in case you wanted to see it without using the savegame editor. I'm hoping beyond hope that none of the ones I change ever have anything to say... :p In any case I've also included an unused UTC (n_mandalorianf.utc) kind of as a modder's resource in case someone wants to put these in a custom are for whatever reason.


This mod uses the TSLPatcher for easy installation. Simply extract the contents of the compressed archive to anywhere on your hard drive, then double click "TSLPatcher.exe" to run the installation. Do not try to install by hand -- it won't work.


This mod may not be distributed to another site without my express permission. The contents may also not be altered or redistributed (in whole or in part) without my express consent. If I become unreachable for whatever reason, you must make reasonable efforts to contact me before altering my work. This is the only case I will allow it to be altered/distributed without my consent.


Thanks to the several folks on LucasForums (Holowan Labs section) for suggesting this idea. I needed some cannon fodder. Also thanks to stoffe for use of the TSLPatcher utility as well as the SSF Editor. Thanks to tk102 for the KotOR Savegame Editor (KSE) which I used during testing of this mod. Also thanks to Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool. And hopefully last but not least, thanks to Taina and cchargin for Taina's Replacer and MDLOps, respectively, without which the model could not have come to be.


You can reach me in the following ways:

E-mail: inyriforgeATgmailDOTcom
MSN: melissaATfilefrontDOTcom
FileFront Forums SN: Inyri Forge
LucasForums SN: InyriForge



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