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Even though the Knights of the Old Republic games are my favorite games ever, I still have issues with the weapons and robes made by BioWare. They really didn’t do a great job with them. When we have modders making new models and textures for things with the limits that come with them and they’re turning out better looking than what BioWare did; well, that should tell you something. Granted Obsidian did come up with better looking robes for the sequel, but they still could have done better.

Anyway, Xacius is back with something new for the Jedi robes; well, I should say for the ladies that is in the original Knights of the Old Republic game. :p He took away the pants on all four BioWare robe textures and replaced them with skin texture to give the look that the females are showing off their legs. The only issue you will have with them is that BioWare designed the models so that they look like they’re wearing pants. So it may look funny to you seeing the model design with skin texture on them. Maybe if someone knows how to work with making slight changes to the model could help out with making it look like the skin textures belong there in a future release. These skins are designed for the Caucasian races only.

Now, these are going to be separate textures from the original and have their own custom robe for them. Keep in mind that even though they’re suppose to be for the ladies, the men can wear them too since you don’t have the option to make them so only females can wear them as they do in TSL. Anyway, you get a +5 defense bonus with each robe that you can get via cheat console and the codes are listed in the readme file. Enjoy the mod! :D

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Knight of the Old Republic

Title: Feminine Jedi Robes
Author: Xacius
Date Released: 5/17/08
Description: This mod re-textures the 4 Jedi robes and makes them more "feminine", there will not overwrite the others,as they're added in unique.
Currently, there is only white female support, sorry.
Instructions: Dump all files in to the Override folder, also, you have to use the cheat console to get them.


"giveitem g_a_jedirobe70" without the quotes.
"giveitem g_a_jedirobe71" without the quotes.
"giveitem g_a_jedirobe72" without the quotes.
"giveitem g_a_jedirobe73" without the quotes.

Included Files:




Enjoy, and God Bless =D

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