Fett Style Mandalorians for K1



there was a KotOR Mod site called pcgamemods; unfortunately this site no longer exists and many great mods were lost to the community. Today TeamFett, brings us a mod which contains the Boba Fett Model; a massive thanks has to go to Xavier 2 and the AotC team, as well as Darth Deadman who are some old school Holowan Modders. I'm sure as such this will prove very popular with the communities Mandalorian lovers!Team Fett has done an excellent job and there is a great variety of different Fett style armours around, they armour can be acquired in game by looting the corpses of fallen Mandalorian foes or by using the cheat console. This is a Beta so you are warned that there could be bugs; all in all this is an excellent mod, that I'm sure many will be happy to see; be sure to check out the screenshots!Enjoy! -- jonathan7Please leave the author praise and constructive criticism; which are often far more valuable than rating mods...Mod Rating: Advanced


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