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HouseOfAmon is pumping out mods like there is no tomorrow it seems like recently. I look at it as a good thing since he is sharing his scripting and giving us his results. What’s also great is his imagination with that talent. It is good to see him focusing on the original Knights of the Old Republic game for a change and boosting up its mod count here.

This particular new Force Power the author has brought us is what he likes to call “Force Resurrect”. It’s pretty self explanatory by the name. To give you more detail on what to expect from this mod, let’s go to battle situation with you and your party members. If you’re taking on some tough opponents, you may have some of them knocked out of the fight. When that happens, you don’t get them back until the battle is over. What if you could bring them back from the dead before the battle is over? Now you can with this new Force Power. Just use it and they’re alive again. This is based of a Force Power that is available in TSL.

As with tradition with the author, this mod uses the TSL Patcher for easy installation and necessary file merging. If you’re having trouble at times keeping your party members alive, this will be a useful power to have and bring in some of the fun TSL brought to us. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Force Resurrect v1.0
By: HouseOfAmon


This force power will allow you to resurrect fallen companions, it works just like it did in TSL.


To get the power just level up, any character that has Jedi abilities can can select it in the force power menu. I don't recommend giving it to your allies, as their AI probably wouldn't know how to use it, so it would just be a waste to give it to them...

NOTE: There is no range restriction, it should work from just about any distance from the npc's.....


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