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So you’re playing the first Knights of the Old Republic game. You get through the Endar Spire, and then crash on the planet of Taris. Your player character and Carth are looking for Bastila and you finally make it all the way to the Undercity. You notice all these extremely poor people wondering around with very dirty clothes with holes in them. You see that there is a gate you must pass and there is a guard assigned to it.

Moments later Hendar is running for his life as he’s being chased by Rakghouls. The gate guard is hesitant to open the gate, but you convince the guard that you will save Hendar so he opens the gate so you can killed the Rakghouls. Okay, so there is a dark side version where you let Hendar be killed by the Rakghouls. Either way, there is still a gate guard there.

Well, DarthHK was annoyed with that part a bit. He hated the fact that this guy is was labeled as just “Gate Guard” in the game. So he decided to change the name assigned to him to his revealed real name which is Trewin. It’s a small change and I know many people won’t care. However, if you happened to be one of those people who are annoyed by that, then you may like to add this subtle mod change. The Gate Guard isn’t the only NPC in the game who is labeled like that, there are several others. Now, if the author really wanted to make this mod type worth more to the downloaders out there, he would go through and make changes to all those who are like Trewin. Just make sure they’re safe UTC files to edit. ;) Enjoy! :D

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Author: DarthHK

Gate Guard to Trewin.

This is just a quick .utc edit to change the name of the 
Gate Guard in the Undercity to the name he reveals in his 
dialog, which is "Trewin."  Just a minor detail that always
bugged me.

In order for this to work you must load a save from BEFORE
you entered the Undercity.  Then go to the Undercity and 
he should have his real name in effect.

DarthHK - The mod
Fred Tetra - KotOR Tool
BioWare/LucasArts - KotOR

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