Gauntlets of the Force



Jedi are really cool when you think about it. They use the force, tote around light weapons, and have a sense of moral. The only thing about them is that they seem a little pompous, like they are better then a non force sensitive because they can wield the force and use the signature weapon of the Jedi... and Sith. I think that is kinda the wrong view though and the real sad thing is that the Jedi masters do the same thing. So wouldn't they be surprised to find that yeah they can carry lightsabers and be one with the force but it really does not matter. Because of our newest modder, Shadowleader, who has made it possible for the non force adept to wield the lightsaber.

Now this may or may not come as a surprise to you but nobody I know of has ever made this type of mod. Which is very surprising to say the very least. With a mod like this you could have your who party wielding some insane power over the other guys. So those Dark Jedi who keep following around saying “Our Master was most displeased when he learned you had escaped Taris alive” are going to be say “Our Master was most... ummm never mind I think we will be going... we have a Sith meeting to attend... everybody run!”:lol:

I really have to hand it to you Shadowleader, for your first mod you did what nobody else wanted to do. So really good for you. Anyway Welcome to Kotor2Files.com and we cannot wait to see what you have for us next. Now to al of you out there just sitting and waiting to get your grubby little hands one this... enjoy.:D

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Kotor 1:Gauntlets of the force
By: Shadowleader

Contact Info: [email protected] I am currently taking requests for small mods to do in my spare time, so if you want something, e-mail me and I'll se if I can pull it off.

Credits: Fred Tetra for the amazing Kotor tool and the helpful tutorials for said tool.

Filename: Gauntlets of the force.zip

File size: 1,104 KB

Date: 12th of March 2007.

Description: This just let's characters that aren't Jedi (Such as Carth) wield sabers and wear Jedi robes. It doesn't give them the force however.

Intallation: Just extract it into the override folder in your SWKOTOR directory.

Comments: I tried forever to find some plausible way to get force with these, but I couldn't figure anything out, so if anyone has an idea, could you help?

Bugs: Just the force thing. Might not bother you as much as it bothers me.

Legal: Don't sell this or something stupid like that. People can just get it for free here. It's also frowned upon to post this on other sites without my permission. The only site it is currently on it Kotorfiles.com

This isn't supported by Lucasarts, Bioware, or any licensers/sponsors of the componies. I am not responsible for damage to your computer for the usage of this file. In lamence terms, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Have fun!!

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