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Sometimes if you cry and pout enough, you may actually get your way. Actually if enough people do it together, the chances of getting what...


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Sometimes if you cry and pout enough, you may actually get your way. Actually if enough people do it together, the chances of getting what you want increase. Teamwork always helps, even with all the crying. Back on May 13, of this year Princess Artemis released a mod with the help of Quanon and 90SK for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords called the Heavy Paladin Armor + Accessories mod that was good enough for people cry for a Knights of the Old Republic version. Princess Artemis felt your pain and gave in.

As with the TSL version, this mod will give you some new armors to play with that includes a new sword to fight with and a new helmet to wear. The new armor you can wear will not restrict some of the Force powers that armor usually restricts. This includes powers like Drain Life, Force Lightning, Force Speed, and Force Resistance. It does however require the heavy armor feat so starting off as a Solider will be a benefit as you come with this feat if you do. The Helm is restricted to the player character, and the all the items are restricted to the light side of the Force.

Like the last release, you will have to use your cheat console or the KSE to use these items as they are not item placed. The TSL Patcher will install this mod as it will make changes to the baseitems.2da file. Make sure you read the readme file. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download '90sk_pa_k1heavypaladinarmor.7z' (2.91MB)

Paladin Armor and Accessories for KotOR

By Princess Artemis, 90SK, and Quanon

Release date: 5/11/2008

To Install, run "Install.exe"

To Uninstall, delete the files from override, aside from the 2da files.

Thanks to Master_Crush for the original request, and KotOR Files denizens for the K1 version request. 

Basically, this mod adds Heavy Paladin Armor and a Paladin Vibrosword, both fully upgradeable, as well as a Paladin Helm, to the game via cheats or KSE. The armor is heavy but does not restrict the Force (it does require the heavy armor feat and Jedi Defense) while the helm is restricted to the PC; all items are restricted to LS and are designed to be defensive/offensive primarily against DS.

Add them by using the giveitem cheat and palheavyk1 (Princess Artemis' version) and palheavy2k1 (90SK's version) for the armor, palhelmk1 for the helm, and palvbladek1 for the sword. The armors are identical in stats but not appearance.

Quanon made the new helm model while 90SK skinned it and one of the armors, Princess Artemis reskinned one of the armors and the vibroblade.

Fred Tetra and stoffe for Kotor Tool and TSLPatcher, respectively. svosh for reskinning tutorials, cchagrin for MDLOps, Christian Maas for XVI32, and Holowan, as always, for just happening to have had someone ask about making armor not restrict Force while I was around to see it...

This mod is not intended to infringe upon the rights of LucasArts or BioWare.  Please do not use any files found in this mod without express consent of the makers (Quanon for the helm model, 90SK and Princess Artemis for the skins).  Please do not upload this file without permission of the original modders.  If neccessary, you may contact Princess Artemis at princessartemis@gmail.com or any of us through Holowan's PM system.

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