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He’s back. That’s right, Prime is back with a brand new mod for you Knights of the Old Republic fanatics out there. The author has a reputation of bringing elements from the Star Wars movies and putting them into the Knights of the Old Republic games like Stormtroopers and Clonetrooper helmets and armor. This new mod is no exception.

One of the talents Prime has been blessed with is the talent to make skin textures. With that talent, he now has created new skins for the Sith officers to look like the officers we saw in the original Star Wars trilogy, which even includes Admiral Saul Karath. Of course this also means that the Sith Academy students on Korriban also will wear these new uniforms that the author has created since Bioware decided to have the potential dark Force users in training should look like officers. At least now they’ll have fancy new uniforms. :p

Let’s face it, the original look by Bioware looked like hand-me down uniforms as once said by Emperor Devon at Holowan Labs, and I agree with him. I was disappointed with them when I first played the game almost four years ago (has it been that long already?). This mod is just an appearance change with the TGA files, so no .2da files to worry about, nothing complicated for you simple downloaders out there and it will change the look instantly once you put them in the override folder. Sounds good huh? What are you waiting for? Enjoy the new Sith Officer looks! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




KOTOR Imperial Officer Mod

Website: warpedproductions.echonetwork.net

This mod changes the uniforms worn by the Sith officers into those worn by Imperial Officers
in the original Star Wars trilogy.  There two types, the gray naval uniforms and the black stormtrooper officer uniforms.  Also Saul Karath's uniform is changed to an Imperial Admiral Uniform.

The list of files is as follows:

Male Uniforms:

Female Uniforms:

Low Resolution Uniforms:

Saul Karath Uniform:


Extract all the files into the Override folder in the The KOTOR directory.  


Simply remove all the files from the Override directory.

Modding Information:


Known Issues:
If you encounter issues, please report them to the email address specified 
above.  I will do what we can to correct them.

There are no known issues with this mod.

Thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the truly fantastic kotor editing tool.  Also 
a appreciative shout out to the many friendly folks at the Lucasforums' Holowan 
Laboratories board who have provided guidance and insight as well as answering 
numerous questions.

Finally, thanks to Bioware for making a truly kick ass game...

This mod is not supported in any way by Lucasarts or Bioware.

You may edit or modify these files for your own personal use.  

If you wish to use any or all of these files for you own public mod, please
contact PRIME for permission at the email address at the beginning of this file.  If 
I grant permission, please give me credit and include this readme file with your mod.  I
will not be granting permission to do simple recolouring of the textures.

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