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In all of my time modding I have never seen a weapon pack quite like this one. This item pack was made by InyriForge our resident Network Ad...


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In all of my time modding I have never seen a weapon pack quite like this one. This item pack was made by InyriForge our resident Network Admin and I have to say that she has done an awesome job with these. This pack will add 8 new melee weapons into the game of which two you might already have. These swords include some of the coolest melee weapons I have ever seen in kotor; perfectly model, hard hitting, and above all deadly weapons that can take down even the biggest of foes. Now personally I usually don't use melee weapons in the game unless I have to because I love using lightsabers but I can make an exception for this because they just look so awesome and are infact awesome!

The two main weapons that you will definatly want and that you will definatly noticed in the game are the "Sword of War" and "Sword of Justice" which are actually a stand alone mod but I would much rather more weapons then just one or two. I really do have to say that these are some really cool weapons and you will be able to notice that throughout your experince with them. Great job Inyri I think these are awesome and you have my download! Now to all you people who are reading this review...Enjoy!;)

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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KotOR: Knights of the Old Republic
TITLE: Inyri's Melee Pack
AUTHOR: Inyri Forge
E-MAIL: [email protected]

DATE RELEASED: 01 December 2006

CREDITS: Thanks to BioWare, Kit Rae, and the googles!

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place all included files in your KotOR1 override folder.

UNINSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: Remove files from your override folder.

DESCRIPTION: Model of the (somewhat) well-known Kit Rae swords "Sword of War" and "Sword of Justice" from the ancients series. I have given them my own Star Wars spin, linking one to the Light Side and the other to the Dark Side. They are not upgradable, but they do have some decent stats. The Sword of Justice is probably more useful, as it has bonus damage to dark siders.

Sword of Justice is light side only.
Sword of War is dark side only.
All other weapons are upgradable.

HOW TO SPAWN: Press ~ (`) and type in, without the quotes:

For shortsword: "giveitem shortsword_if"
For executioner's axe: "giveitem execaxe"
For mace: "giveitem mace_if"
For Sword of War: "giveitem sow"
For Sword of Justice: "giveitem soj"
For Sword of Vaelan: "giveitem sov"
For Sword of Neverwinter: "giveitem son"
For Katana: "giveitem katana"

NOTES: Two of these swords are from a previous mod of mine (Swords of War and Justice) and have been included unaltered, for convenience. If you are prompted to overwrite, you can go ahead (the icons are cleaned up slightly, if that counts as a change). The Katana included is from another mod submitted over one year ago. It can be considered a V2 as it has been fixed slightly.

DISTRIBUTION NOTES: You may use this modification in mods as long as this read-me is included in your archive, unaltered, and appropriate credit is given. You may not distribute *this* archive to any other site.


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