Jedi Armors: No Force Power Restrictions

Here with have some new armour for everyone to play with. These armours allow the user to use force powers without any hindrance that is nor...


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Here with have some new armour for everyone to play with. These armours allow the user to use force powers without any hindrance that is normally associated with the regular ingame armour. The best feature (in my opinion) is how well balanced these armours are. With most armour mods you either get some that are too overpowered or some that look good but don't have the correct stats. The author has done a superb job in maintaining balance while also choosing an ingame skin that is rather appealing to the eyes.

What I think they are lacking is choice. You only get to use five types! Because of the simplicity of this mod, I was hoping for more varieties, it wouldn't have killed the modder to modify some more armour stats and include them. Although I must commend the modder for displaying where exactly you can get each piece of armour, for without this tiny bit of info you'd have to use 'giveitem'... but I guess you will all do that anyway, instead of waiting. If you do decide to make more mods, try and attempt skinning your work, it does add that personal touch to your work. You mentioned that you don't have Photoshop, that's ok, there are plenty of freeware image editing software available like GIMP etc. I look forward to seeing more mods from you in the future. Keep up the good work.

- JediKilla

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********************* Jedi Armors: No Force Power Restrictions **********************

Version: 1.0
Author: lactose_intolerant
Contact: [email protected]


I'd always wanted my Jedi PC to be able to wear armor, since Jedi Robes are so 
flimsy. Unfortunately all the standard armors in the game restrict certain Force 
powers, so it wasn't viable.

I was very happy when I found that people were creating Jedi armor mods, and I 
downloaded several of those myself. However I didn't really like them, mostly 
because the armors were over-powered. There was one mod that I did like though: 
Segan Wyndh Armor by ChAiNz. It was still too powerful for me, but it inspired me 
enough to create a Jedi armor mod myself. 

Using Fred Tetra's Kotor Tool to understand ChaiNz's mod, I proceeded to make a 
selection of armors available for Jedi characters, but made sure that they weren't 
too powerful for a non-hardcore game. The result is this simple mod. I hope you enjoy 
using this mod as much as I enjoyed making it. :)


Just extract all the files into your Override folder.




This mod adds a new class of items to the game: Jedi armors. These armors give 
protective bonuses similar to the standard armors in the original game, but allow for 
the usage of Force powers when equipped.

The premise of the Jedi armors is that they are slightly lighter than the light 
armors in the game. As such, they possess the highest Max Dex bonus available to 
armors (+5), but do not restrict Force power usage. I wanted to give them a higher 
bonus initially (+6 or +7), but that would defeat the whole purpose of wearing armor 
in the first place.

As I do not possess the appropriate programs (such as Photoshop) to make totally new 
skins for this mod, I had to use some of the original skins included in the game 
itself. I chose some of the skins that you wouldn't get to see in the course of an 
unmodded game, since Bioware didn't allow for all the armors to be collected.

I chose the skins of the Medium (Max Dex +3) and Heavy (Max Dex +1) models because I 
felt these were the best-looking in the game. I've also had to replace some of the 
original armors to fulfil the vision I had for this mod. If I ever get a good imaging 
program in the future, I might decide to re-release this mod without getting rid of 
the original armors.

In this current build, I've made 5 suits of armor:

1. 	Name:	Prototype Force-Enabled Armor
	Tag:	g_a_jediarmor101
	Skin:	Arkanian Bond Armor, E05
	Where?:	Sherruk's dead body, Dantooine
	Notes:	You won't be able to get the original Arkanian Bond Armor because it 
		wasn't placed anywhere in the game as a collectable item. It looks 
		cool, so I decided to use it for this mod.

2.	Name:	Darth Bandon's Light Battle Armor
	Tag:	g_a_class4006
	Skin:	Environmental Bastion Armor, E08
	Where?:	Darth Bandon's dead body, after 2nd Star Map
	Notes:	This armor has the same stats of the original armor, only that it 
		allows for Force power usage. I used the skin of the Bastion Armor 
		because it fits this description better, and the Bastion's stats are 
		quite worthless anyway, so I changed it.

3.	Name:	Exar Kun's Dueling Armor
	Tag:	g_a_class6006
	Skin:	Exar Kun's Light Battle Suit, E06
	Where?:	Czerka merchant, Korriban
	Notes:	Exar Kun is arguably the most important character in the SW universe 
		in the past millineum, but you only get 1 modest (but good-looking) 
		item from him. I decided to change that. This replaces Kun's Light 
		Battle Suit, but uses the same skin. I've upped the stats of this 
		armor, and its price as well! But I think you'll find it's worth the 

4.	Name:	Environmental Bastion Armor
	Tag:	g1_a_class6001
	Skin:	Mandalorian Armor, G04
	Where?:	Yavin Station, after 2nd Star Map
	Notes:	I upgraded the properties of this Armor, and used a different skin 
		for it. Now this armor is much more useful than it was originally, 
		and you'll get more mileage out of it (and for a lower cost too).

5.	Name:	Baragwin-Massassi War Armor
	Tag:	g_a_jediarmor301
	Skin:	Cinnagar Plate Armor, G03
	Where?:	Yavin Station, after 4th Star Map
	Notes:	The basis of ChaiNz's Segan Wyndh's Armor, this skin is pretty good-
		looking in its own right. As such, I found it fitting to use this 
		skin for the most powerful armor in this mod.


To get the armors, it's best to start a new game, because all areas already accessed 
by the player in the course of a game will not bear the new items.

If you don't mind cheating to get them though, just access the console by pressing 
the ` button, then type "giveitem" followed by the armor's Tag as listed above.

For example, to get Exar Kun's Dueling Armor, type the following in the console:
giveitem g_a_class6006


To get the most out of these armors, it's best to have your characters attain a Max 
Dex bonus of +5, since that is the maximum allowed when equipping them. Any more than 
5 would be a waste of attribute points, and any less would mean you don't get the 
highest defence possible.

Use Force buffs in conjunction with the armors for optimum performance. I recommend 
using Force Speed, Force Armor, and Force Valor.


+ This mod uses a baseitems.2da file. If you want to use this mod, you will have to 
  forego any other mod using the same file, or make several adjustments to said file 
  using Kotor Tool.

+ As mentioned, some of the original armors in the game will not be accessible once 
  this mod is installed, since the new items replace them.


Special thanks to:
+ LucasArts and Bioware; for creating the brilliant KoTOR
+ Fred Tetra; for the superlative Kotor Tool
+ ChaiNz; for the inspiring Segan Wyndh Armor mod

|Disclaimers and other legal matters|------------------------------------------------

+ This .zip archive and all its contents are in no way endorsed or supported by 
  LucasArts, Bioware, or any of their associated affiliates.

+ You, the end user, have downloaded and installed this mod at your own risk. The 
  author of this mod bears no responsibility for any damage you might suffer as a 
  direct or indirect consequence of the installation of this mod.

+ This mod may not be re-hosted anywhere without the expressed consent of its author. 
  Any mod that wishes to include the files contained herein may do so, but with the 
  proper acknowledgement and accreditation.

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