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Juhain the Cathar is without a doubt, the least popular party member in the first Knights of the Old Republic game. All she does is w...


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Juhain the Cathar is without a doubt, the least popular party member in the first Knights of the Old Republic game. All she does is whine and moan, plus she's not all too pretty to look at. :P

Nimduril returns today, with a brand new look for Juhani. What he's done, is replace her head with a 'cat-like' retextured variant of the second female Caucasian head. As you can see by the screenshots, he's pulled this off fairly well, and the end results are quite pleasing. For those of you who watched the show Thundercats, this skin might be a little familiar to you. (I couldn't help but think of Cheetara when I saw this skin :P)

So, if you're utterly sick of the sight of Juhani, but like to have that extra bit of Jedi assistance, this mod might be for you!


Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.

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Download 'juhani_reskin.zip' (1.12MB)

Juhani Reskin (Version 1.0)

by Nimduril

List of Content

1.	What is?
1.1	What does it?

2.	What does the .rar contain?
2.1	How do i install it?
2.2	How do i uninstall it?

3.	Credits


What is this?
This is a mod for the game "Knights of the old Republic" by Bioware.
For beeing more precise: It is a Reskin of a Charakter
who becomes a party member of your main-character.

What does it?
It changes the models of Juhani to altered versions of the 2nd.
female caucasian player-model and NO it doesn't involve any changes of your


What does the .rar contain?

The models for the bareskin-model as well as her head-model:

The Reskins:

Together with new Purrtraits (ARGH "Portraits" that was):



How do i install it?
In order to install this Reskin, all you have to do is to place all the files
(except the readme and the Preview) of the .rar into your KotoR Override folder.
If no Override folder exists yet, you will have to create a new folder inside
your KotoR main program folder, and rename it to "Override".


How do i uninstall it?
In the rare case that you will want to get rid of the reskin, you only have to
delete the files of the reskin in your Override folder. To prevent you from deleting the wrong files,
i suggest you read << 2. >> again: "What does the .rar contain?". Those are the files you have to delete. 


Credits go to:

-	Well, what to say? It is simply the best KotoR related page of the world,
	with more modding-related knowledge than the Jedi-Archives on Coruscant ;)

The Creators of all the amazing Tools dealing with modding of KotoR and KotoR II TSL

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