Juhani Romance Mod

juhaniromance.rar —


What this mod does is give your PC the option to have a little romance with Juhani. It's in the game, but not active. The author just activates it. If you ever wanted a chance to have a romantic encounter with Juhani, this is your chance. This works for female PC's too.




Note: Currently untested on any system other than my
own, so feedback is appreciated.  It seems to work at
home, but (obviously) untested on other people's

Use: Toss the file into your Overrides folder like
everything else.

What it does: Make the Juhani romance side quest
available to male characters instead of female ones.

How it was done: I simply took Juhani's dialog apart
with Kotor Tool & swapped the script flag (the one
that calls for whether the PC is male or female)
around between the dialog results for male & female
characters, thus reversing the end results in the
dialog tree branching at the very end where the
romance lines finally appear.  None of the actual
dialog was changed - only the script call flags.


3 years ago

I've been playing kotor with a male character, since I would like romance Juhani. I tried to copy this file mod in my override folder, but I noticed that the conversations with Juhani are now incomplete. Is this normal?