Juhani's Dark Robe

ChAiNz.2da has done it again. This time he’s got something to make Juhani more appealing. I’ve always like her, as the author also states,...


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ChAiNz.2da has done it again. This time he’s got something to make Juhani more appealing. I’ve always like her, as the author also states, but I do agree that she didn’t seem to look right (hence who I have my own version of Juhani for my person use). In this mod, Juhani now gets robes that hide from of her unappealing features.

The work and effort in this mod is incredible. Read the readme to get more details on the hours it took to make this work. The author also based this on Svösh’s original base for Juhani; from there it inspired the author to make his own version of these robes. Each one has their own custom stats (refer to the readme to find those out). Also you will get those robes when you talk to Juhani once she joins your party.

The other part of the inspiration of this mod is that it is easy to speculate that when Juhani was growing up on Taris, she would wear clothes to help hide her alien features to avoid getting persecuted by the humans living there. A very reasonable assumption in my opinion.

As you can see, the model is based on the female dark apprentices of Darth Malak. The textures have been altered to get new colors for Juhani to wear, and most importantly, it is mapped to Juhani’s facial features. That was a difficult task to do. If that wasn’t able to be pulled off, this mod wouldn’t exist.

There is also an appearance.2da file in it. Just warning you all out there that are interested in this mod. You may have to do some .2da editing to make it compatible with mods you’re already using. There are instructions on how to do these edits for those who are still learning how.

Overall, very nice work. Enjoy this mod people! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'juhanis_dark_robe_v1.zip' (2.34MB)

Authors name : 
Original mod and base skins: svösh
re-skin and upgradeables: ChAiNz

Authors Contact: 
[email protected]  (please put 'Kotor' somewhere in the subject)

Mod Name: 
Juhani's Dark Robe

Length of time to make : 
apx 2 lifetimes! eegadz this skin was difficult. Her UV map has her 'parts' all over the place. We'll say apx 2-1/2 weeks (off and on)...

Description of Mod:
**svösh's original mod**
These are intended for Juhani only for obvious reasons, and have a restriction of force camouflage. To ensure that. 

This mod is for all the people like me, that like Juhani the cathar / Rambo of jedi guardians.  :)

When you first encounter her she will be in these threads. 

Thanks to T7 for helping me test and writing the givitem script linking it to her dialogue.
There was a problem of getting forever stuck in the appearance that is now all fixed although she will be wearing these threads when you meet her for the fist time, she will be in her default jedi robe when you see her on the ebon hawk. The first conversation you have with her she will give the threads to you and then you can equip them on her.

Just as svösh, I too have always like Juhani / Jedi-Tank, but no matter what she wore...it never looked quite 'right'. UNTIL I stumbled upon svösh Juhani Sanctuary Threads mod. Me having some weird fascination with 'shiny' armors, I asked permission to do a re-skin into something she may have worn when on a "hostile negotiations" mission ;) There are MANY small details, but try not to strain too hard looking for them. The patterns are "hidden reflective", meaning in game depending on the angle and light available...different patterns can be seen! Nifty huh?

** svösh **

Juhani's Sanctuary Threads 
As an alien living on such a cruel world as Taris, it's best to not draw attention to ones self. I believe Juhani would have worn something of this nature to go about her daily hard life. After falling to the dark side she reverted to her old ways. Bringing back memories of her old life.

Defense Bonus +3

** ChAiNz **

Upgradeable Item, Juhani's Dark Robe

These robes were given to Juhani as a gift upon acceptance of her Jedi training. Well aware of her insecurities, the enclave provided these custom robes to aid in her diplomatic missions. Unfortunately, Juhani's 'fall' prevented her from ever adorning these robes...until now.

Defense Bonus +5
Wisdom +2
Strength +2
Dexterity +2
Defense +3, requires upgrade
Dmg. Reduction +5, soak 10, requires upgrade
Skill Bonus- Stealth +3, requires upgrade
Improved Saves (Specific-All) +2, requires upgrade

Files included: 

README-MOD Install-Dark Robe.txt
appearance.2da **    (basic appearance.2da with Juhani entries)
dan13_belaya.dlg     (give dark robe dialog)
give_toothbrush.ncs  (give dark robe script, pay attention in game for the 'toothbrush'reference)
give_toothbrush.nss  (toothbrush script source)
ia_JediRobe_081.tga  (icon for Dark Robe)
j_darkrobe.uti       (Juhani's Dark Robe)
n_darkjedif81.mdl    (Juhani model for Dark Robe)
n_darkjedif81.mdx    (no clue, but you have to have it along with your model file)
N_DarkJediF81.tga    (Dark Robe Skin)
screenshots.zip      (misc. screenies)

Sanctuary Threads (svösh) readme.txt
dan13_juhani.utc     (Juhani inventory at enclave)
dan14_juhani.utc     (Juhani inventory at grove)
give_jsr.ncs         (give sanctuary threads script)
ia_JediRobe_080.tga  (icon for Sanctuary Threads)
jrobe.uti            (Sanctuary Threads)
k_hjuh_dialog.dlg    (give sanctuary threads dialog)
n_darkjedif80.mdl    (Juhani model for Sanctuary Threads)
n_darkjedif80.mdx    (no clue, but you have to have it along with your model file)
N_DarkJediF80.tga    (Sanctuary Threads Skin)


Just extract all files into your Kotor override directory. (except .txt's and .nss's)

** IMPORTANT - this mod uses an appearance.2da file. If you are already using a mod that uses this file some editing will be required. If not, just drop that puppy in your Kotor Override directory and you're set (and be glad)!

Instructions: (using Kotor Tool, see special thanks below)

-:	Open up your custom "appearance.2da" file with the 2da file editor in KT 

-:	Go to line 19 (that’s the Dark_Jedi_Female_01) click the box just left of the 19 so the whole row is highlighted. Right click and choose "copy row". Now go all the way to the bottom and right click on the star (*) choose "paste row". 

Now click the [Row Label] 19 box and change it too the next number after your last one. (ie- if your last one is 508 then this will be changed from 19 to 509 or whatever you have.)

Change the nodes as I (svösh) have them here:  KEEP THIS README OPEN WHILE YOU MAKE YOUR CHANGES

    =                                                                                   =
-:  =	    Row Label       label          race            modela           texa        =  :-
    =                                                                                   =
    =   your new # here     n_darkjedif80  n_darkjedif80  n_darkjedif80   N_DarkJediF80 = 

Now click on any other node in any row or column to set the changes. 

To edit for the Dark Robe, 
click to the left of the line you just edited so that it's highlighted. Right-Click and choose "copy row". Below this line, click the star (*) and right-click...choosing "paste row". Be sure to change this row's [Row Label] to the next available sequential number! Edit the entries as follows:

    =                                                                                       =
-:  = Row Label    label          race            modela           texa         envmap      =  :-
    =                                                                                       =
    =new # here   n_darkjedif81  n_darkjedif81  n_darkjedif81   N_DarkJediF81  CM_Baremetal = 

Ok, now go to file and save. Make sure it saves to your override directory.  Close KT

NEXT STEP: (we're getting there, almost done!)

Ok now on to .Gff - open the "jrobe.uti" in a gff editor (not KT, this is one place that KT can’t help us.)

Using NwNEditor.exe

Click the root * to see the tree view click on Properties List and open the last element type >PropertyName will be 59, this for the disguise DON”T CHANGE THIS!

What you have to change is the Subtype from my 509 to whatever number you used in "appearance.2da"  if it was 700 for example then here you would change 509 to 700
By right clicking ( Subtype Word = 509 ) and choosing edit element make your changes and then hit Acptar  > then click file > save as  ….save it as    jrobe.uti    to your override directory. 
Close NwNEditor and enjoy!


Using Roboius' GFF Editor (see special thanks below)

Click the [–1] to see the tree view. Click on Properties List and click the [2] to see the tree view. The last line Subtype click it and on the right side you will see a big value box with 509 change this to whatever number you used in appearance.2da  (if it was 600 for example then here you would change 509 to 600) after you do this you have to click on any other line in the tree view to set your changes. Then  >File >save if you opened it from your override directory or "save as" if you didn’t save it to your override.

Save the file as:    jrobe.uti

(FINAL STEP...woohoo!)
+++ Repeat the above (GFF) steps for  "j_darkrobe.uti", changing the Subtype value to the appropriate "appearance.2da" line you assigned for n_darkjedif81 (Dark Robe).

Save the file as:    j_darkrobe.uti   (make sure it goes into your override folder)

Close GFF Editor and enjoy!

**IMPORTANT NOTE, the items in this mod are given by dialog scripts. If you edit the items with your own stats (for personal use) it's VERY important you keep the SAME name for the .uti files. That, or edit the scripts to point to the new name.



1- with cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter:

giveitem jrobe        (svösh's, Juhani's Sanctuary Threads)

giveitem j_darkrobe   (re-skin ChAiNZ's, Juhani's Dark Robe)

2- Press "ENTER"

** For the Anti-Console, (How it's intended)

When you speak to Juhani for the first time on the Ebon Hawk, she will give you the Sanctuary Threads (check your inventory after you're through talking)

After you 'redeem' Juhani at the Grove (you must NOT kill her or you can't get the Dark Robe without cheating) speak to Belaya, the jedi inside the enclave. She will ask you to do 'something' ;)  
(not a sidequest)


Just delete all the files associated with this mod from your override directory.


Special thanks to:

- svösh, for whom without his exquisite skins (and permission), this mod wouldn't have been possible. Thank you for allowing me to do this svösh. Your amazing skills and talents are matched only by your generous spirit and "go for it" attitude! I am grateful...

- Darth333 for the Easy Warping Armband and the "give script" I dissected.

- Holowan Laboratories for all the great resources!

- Kitty Kitty who compiled the VERY useful Tools and mods list

- Fred Tetra for the Kotor Tool app, outstanding!

- Roboius for the GFF Editor, a great supplement to Fred's Kotor Tool

- cchargin for the KMM mod manager prog, a lifesaver!

- Jackel for this 'readme' template!

- To everyone else I may have forgotten, and to all who have tried this mod out (or at least got this far in the readme)...Thank you!


This Mod is not supported by LucasArts or Bioware. Please do not contact them for support of this mod. 

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, characters, items, etc. are trademarks
and copyrights owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Bioware and the Odyysey Engine are trademarks of Bioware Corp.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


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