K1 Dantooine Jedi Robe Pack



his robenames, stats and Icons! And also credit to Don Kain for the orginal K1 Robes Replacment Pack files as without those filesthis mod would not of been possible. I would also like to thank Darth Jaden for his robe textures also!I guess you could say this mod is an expansion of the K1 robes pack mod which takes a couple of the best textures out there and ones I have made myself, I loved 90SK (CaptainSkye)'s idea to have more robes in KOTOR 1, however I prefered the danttoine style robe which Don Kain provided, and I thought if only that kind of mod 90SK (CaptainSkye) did was done with the dantooine jedi robes, so I thought...I know I'll do it myself! This is my very first skinning mod and I hope everyone likes it as much as I liked working on it!


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