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Happy New Year 2008! As we kick off the New Year here at KotorFiles, files will continue to come and this one is a special treat from my go...


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Happy New Year 2008! As we kick off the New Year here at KotorFiles, files will continue to come and this one is a special treat from my good friend Darth InSidious. As most of you know that during production of games, content gets cut. Some of the cut content are modules. Darth InSidious decided to get those cut areas and restore them for us to explore.

Now, I’m not too familiar with what has been cut from the game, so bear with me. One of the areas you can explore that was cut was a module that is from a Tatooine Temple. Now I would imagine that when the Rakatans were putting Star Maps across the galaxy that BioWare had this idea that they built a temple too. Well, as it was they decided to put the Star Map in a cave and have it guarded by a Krayt Dragon.

Czerka had a depot that was cut from the game. The author believes it was possibly on Korriban. On Kashyyyk, an area of the Shadowlands was cut. I figure BioWare decided that only two areas for the Shadowlands is all they needed. This module has been added for you to explore and enjoy. Another Tatooine module has been added to check out that possibly was some sort of swoop track. Two areas that look like it was either used for testing or a cutscene has been added to check out.

To access these modules, you must use the cheat console. Use the word warp to warp to them. An example would be if you wanted to go to the Czerka Office on Tatooine real quickly, you would type warp tat_m17ag.

Using the warp code, type in: m19aa – Tatooine Temple m21aa – Czerka Depo m25ab – Kashyyyk Shadowland m45mg – Tatooine Swoop Track m47aa – Possible Cut Scene PLCaa – Testing Area

While we’re on the subject, there is a cut module that I can think of ready to check out in your game already that you can do while you’re in the mood.

tar_m10ab – A module that was cut when trying to get the Swoop Accelerator

Make sure you read the readme for instructions on how to use the mod and how to install it. Enjoy the cut modules! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'k1lostmodules.7z' (34KB)

K1 Lost Modules Pack by Darth InSidious


Not really a mod, more of a modding resource. Here I've gathered the 7 most useful 
'lost' modules for KotOR 1 - that is, modules that had no .rim files, and were essentially
just room models in the game files. Why do I say 'most useful'? There are a few more - 
one of which is a slice of corridor, and several bits of the Unknown World temple-top, 
but none of these are much different or much more useful than the already existing modules,
or the ones I have packaged here. Neither are they particularly exemplary.

And so, here they are. I would guess that the modules' functions would be:

m19aa - the original Tatooine temple, in which you had to retrieve the information from
        the Star Map inside a Sarlacc's maw.

m21aa - Evidently a Czerka depot, possibly on Korriban.

m25ab - Part of Kashyyyk, possibly the level of the Shadowlands that was cut?

m45mg - Some kind of early Tatooine swoop racing area?

m47aa - ? Used for a cutscene that no longer appears in-game?

PLCaa - Some kind of basic area functionality test, at a guess.

MQATester - Darkkender thought this was possibly for Quality Assurance, 
            and it would seem likely that it was either for this, or E3.

A few notes

-M45MG - The booster pads and obstacles were set in the .git and .lyt files, as I recall, 
         and are copied straight from the ones in the final version of the Tatooine swoop 
         track. I would recommend caution when editing these settings. Also, for using
         this area in-game, it is very much advisable to use the included .vis file.
         Otherwise you won't be able to see where you are going.

-M19AA - Likewise on the .vis file being compulsory.

-M21AA - I have heard that this can sometimes crash. If this is a problem,
         try removing the placeables from the .git file, and recompiling.

Drop the .mod files into your modules folder, and the .vis files into your Override folder.

Remove the aforementioned files.

Credits & Thanks
knightmare66 for the entry co-ords for m25ab,
Darkkender, for his suggestion of the reason for MQATester
Bioware, for the game and for leaving this stuff in it,
LA for publishing the game,
Fred Tetra for KotOR Tool, without which this pack wouldn't be possible. :)


I own none of the materials in this mod, nor do I make any claim to them - 
they belong to Bioware and LucasArts, but do NOT contact them over this mod, 
because they have nothing to do with it's compilation.

I make no claim over usage - you may create and upload your own versions of this mod
however and wherever you like - but it would be nice to receive a cred at the end of your
readme. ;)

However, please do not upload or claim credit for an unmodified version of this mod elsewhere.
It's just rude.

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