K1 Republic Admiral Uniforms mod



ZimmMaster is back here on FileFront yet again, bringing with him this new mod for the first Knights of the Old Republic game. What this mod does, is alter the default clothing of your player, changing it to the Republic Admiral uniform. This mod alters your clothing regardless of class (Soldier, Scout or Scoundrel), they all get the change. The author has included alternate textures, for those of you who like to play with a coloured character.

Not really a lot else to say about this mod really, except that if you're a fan of the Republic Admiral uniforms, give it a go!

This mod does use the TSL Patcher tool for easy installation, so just double click the installer and you're away!


Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.



Knights of the Old Republic
TITLE: K1 Republic Admiral Uniforms mod
AUTHOR: ZimmMaster

FILENAME: repadmiraluniforms.zip

If you have not already made an override folder please do so in your KOTOR 1 directory. 

Default path is:
C:Program FilesLucasartsSWKOTOR

Extract the files and run the TSLPatcher and select your KOTOR 1 directory, NOT your override folder.

If you want to use the textures for the black characters after you have run the TSLPatcher, copy the files; PMBBL01, PMBBM01, and PMBBS01 to your override folder.

To uninstall, move the files in the BACKUP folder created by the TSLPatcher to the override.

This mod alters your default clothing to that of a Republic Admiral. Both male and female models are included. As well as an alternate texture for the males if you want to make a black person in the character generation.

None, I hope. If any are found please post them in the comments or PM me at lucasforums.com

Me for making the mod
Canderis for giving me permission to use some files from his PC-Republic (2.0) mod
Ulmount for giving me permission to use some files from his Republic Admiral Uniform mod
Archer credit for him is requested by Ulmount
Silveredge9 for giving me permission to use a texture from his Admiral Onasi Reskin mod

You may use this mod in your mod so long as me, Canderis, Archer, Ulmount, and Silveredge9 are given credit.

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