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LordKinoda returns with a revision to his underwear pack; this time, the original set have been updated for the black and asian male PC skins and for Bastila and Mission, and the author has slightly reskinned the default soldier and scoundrel clothing. I'll let the screenshots do the rest of the describing. ;)

The mod isn't badly put-together - the skins are an improvement on the first verison of the mod, and the author has certainly improved upon them - the Bastila and Mission underwear sets are particularly improved, and the revisions to the male underwear skins do look much better this time.

However, the flaw in the skin the author has used for the base of their new male skins is the shape of Canderous' body, and Carth now looks as though he has unhealthily low collar-bones, and his head is distinctly too small for his body; the other male bodies seem less affected by this, but it is still quite noticeable. Overall, though, a good mod, and a definite improvement on the previous version.

NB: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.

-Darth InSidious

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Download 'k1_underwear_pack_v2.0_by_lordkinoda.rar' (6.08MB)


Author: LordKinoda
Email: Luke5kywa1ker@aol.com
Title: K1 Underwear Pack v2.0

Filename: K1_Underwear_Pack_v.20_by_LordKinoda 
Filesize: 5MB
Date Released: 9/12/08


I took Canderous' upper body underwear skin and applied it to the male PC characters so all of them have the
look of being shirtless. I also recolored and slightly changed the female PC underwear skins. Also included are new underwear
skins for Bastila, Mission, Carth, and Zalbaar.


Ever wonder why Bioware made Canderous and Jolee shirtless but not the male PC character ? I did. Maybe I play this game
too much ;P. Anyway, I thought it would be cool to make the male PC's be shirtless with their underwear skin. I also thought it would 
be cool to recolor and reskin one of the female PC underwear skins. The soldier and scout's are just recolored, but I added a midriff for the scoundral's 
and left the color the same. Carth also recieved the shirtless treatment. I thought his color came out the best despite the jumpusuit 
outlines. And lastly, reskin for Zalbaar. Not really much you can do with him. I recolored his bands blue, and gave him blue eyes so they 
are like Chewbacca's. His eye color is a little hard to see unless you are talking to him and fairly close. The files are in separate folders, 
so pick and choose which ones you want to add, and just delete the ones you don't :)

Version 2.0:

I recolored the black males skin, I think it matches much better. I also did the asian skins again, they are better than they
were I say. Since there are multiple heads to choose from and only three bodies you are bound to have heads that match better than others.
If there is a way to give each head it's own body I'm not aware of how to do it, sorry. I also threw in some simple recolors of the
soldier and scoundral clothes if they take your fancy. Mission and Bastila have new underwear for 2.0. I made Mission's bottoms a binki
this time, and colored them a light shade of blue. I removed Bastila's "granny panties", meaning I lowered the panty line to make them smaller
and recolored them to a sort of flesh tone. I added all the files from the previous version into this one so it's easier to just download this 
one. They are all separated into different folders for ease of use. Pick and choose which ones you want like before.

Instructions: Drop the TGA files in your KOTOR Override folder. Pick and choose which ones you want.

Uninstall: Remove the files from your Override rolder.

Bugs: None. Works great for me.

Permission: You can use this mod and modify for your personal use as you wish. But if you want to
use it for a public mod please give me credit for the idea. Thanks.


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