K1 Underwear Pack By LordKinoda

Though we don’t get many opportunities in Knights of the Old Republic where you are in your underwear and there isn’t anything you ca...


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Though we don’t get many opportunities in Knights of the Old Republic where you are in your underwear and there isn’t anything you can do about it, it would seem that for that limited time, we want people to look their best in them, especially our favorite characters.

LordKinoda makes his FileFront debut by bringing us a mod where he did a underwear makeover for many of the player character options and party members; whether it is from changing the underwear color for a situation or putting in a texture to show more skin for both males and females.

The author photo-sourced Canderous Ordo’s bare chest for the other male characters in the game like the male player characters and Carth Onasi. The female scoundrels have their belly buttons showing. Bastila Shan has pitch black underwear while Mission Vao has more of a skimpy style herself and the author put some blue on Zaalbar’s limited clothing and eyes.

The smallest issue would be for the males as you can see the model outline for it to be a jumpsuit for them and for Carth. The African males can use some work to match their skin color type as it is the wrong shade. Some of the colors chosen are a little funky for my taste, but maybe some of you will like that. The effort was good and with more practice, the author could really take off with his modding career. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'k1_underwear_pack_by_lordkinoda.rar' (5.09MB)


Author: LordKinoda
Email: [email protected]
Title: K1 Underwear Pack

Filename: K1_Underwear_Pack_by_LordKinoda 
Filesize: 16MB
Date Released: 9/4/08

Description: I took Canderous' upper body underwear skin and applied it to the male PC characters so all of them have the look of being shirtless. I also recolored and slightly changed the female PC underwear skins. Also included are new underwear skins for Bastila, Mission, Carth, and Zalbaar.

Comments: Ever wonder why Bioware made Canderous and Jolee shirtless but not the male PC character ? I did. Maybe I play this gametoo much ;P. Anyway, I thought it would be cool to make the male PC's be shirtless with their underwear skin. The white and black male skins came out pretty good I think, but I found the asian ones annoying. Seems even the default skins don't truly matchthe heads skin color. I also thought it would be cool to reskin the female PC underwear skins. The soldier and scout's are just recolored, but I added a midriff for the scoundral's and left the color the same. I also gave Bastila and Mission new underwear. Nothing fancy, just black underwear, and the placement and design is slightly different. Carth also recieved the shirtless treatment. I thought his color came out the best despite the jumpusuit outlines. And lastly, reskin for Zalbaar. Not really much you can do with him. I recolored his bands blue, and gave him blue eyes so they are like Chewbacca's. His eye color is a littlehard to see unless you are talking to him and fairly close. The files are in separate folders, so pick and choose which ones you wantto add, and just delete the ones you don't :)

Instructions: Drop the TGA files in your KOTOR Override folder. Pick and choose which ones you want.

Bugs: None. Works great for me.

Permission: You can use this mod and modify for your personal use as you wish. But if you want to
use it for a public mod please give me credit for the idea. Thanks.


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