Keep Bastila's Slave Outfit

So you finally rescue Bastila and she’s in a slave costume over at the swoop track in the Lower City of Taris. So how many of you out there...


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So you finally rescue Bastila and she’s in a slave costume over at the swoop track in the Lower City of Taris. So how many of you out there who think Bastila is so hot wonder who in the Black Vulkar gang had the opportunity to remove her Jedi robe and put on the slave outfit? Remember Bastila was unconscious with that neural disruptor Brejik put on her, so she wouldn’t be able to dress herself. Well, anyhow she’s in it when you rescue her from Brejik after winning the swoop race and goes back to wearing her own custom Jedi robe.

DrGhent brings you a mod that allows you to have Bastila wear her slave outfit at any given time after the rescue. I’m sure there are others out there that will want to bring up that trick where you equip Bastila with a Dark Jedi robe and remove it to get it back. However you lose it once you switch modules. This mod makes it so that won’t cause a problem if you like having Bastila wear it all the time.

The author wrote a script with a new UTI file for Bastila to equip after her rescue from Brejik. For this mod to work, you will need to start with a saved game before entering the swoop track on Taris. If you are past that point and really don’t want to go back, you can use the cheat console to get it. That would be: give item bas_slavedis! Read over the readme if you want to know some other information about this mod and how the Bastila made it for Bastila only to wear. Enjoy everyone! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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MOD NAME: Keep Bastila's Slave Outfit
FOR:  Knights of the Old Republic
EMAIL: [email protected]
DATE: 09/29/2008

This mod will allow the player to keep Bastila's slave outfit as an equipable item after her rescue.

Item stats
Max DEX Bonus: +8
Attribute Bonus: +1 CHA
Feat Required: Battle Meditation

Copy modified files to Override folder (ex C:/Program Files/LucasArts/SWKotOR/Override). Create one if it doesn't already exist.

Should work with mods that do not alter tar03_bastila.dlg.

I created this as a novelty item, so players can see Bastila in her slave appearance whenever they wish. I didn't want it to become an automatic choice over regular garments or Jedi robes, so it does not have crazy item stats. I did however try to make it minimally useful with +1 attribute boost to CHA, since Bastila starts out with an odd number (15). The CHA bonus also fits the idea that female slave outfits are supposed to make the wearer more appealing, if it matters.

On a technical note, this outfit is a "disguise"  - similar to Sith Armor or Sand People Clothing - that turns the wearer's appearance into Party_NPC_Bastila_SLAVE. For example, if Canderous puts this on, he'd become a she. Thus, to prevent anyone other than Bastila equipping this item and turning into her, it comes with Battle Meditation as a required feat.

File list:
bas_slavedis.uti - Item file
ia_disguise_077.tga - Icon in inventory screen.
tar03_bastila.dlg - .dlg file for conversation with Bastila after Brejek is defeated. Modified to give slave outfit at the end of conversation.
k_giveslave.ncs - Script that adds item "bas_slavedis" to inventory. Source included.

This modification is provided as-is. The author is not responsible for any potential damage caused to your computer by the usage of this file. This mod can be redistributed on condition that all files including this ReadMe.txt are unedited and due credit is given to the author.

Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool
tk102 for DLGEditor
Holowan Laboratories for tutorials on item manipulation, scripting, and dialogue editing

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