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Recruitment mods are always fun, especially if there is a story behind them. If there is no story with the new character, the mod becomes b...


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Recruitment mods are always fun, especially if there is a story behind them. If there is no story with the new character, the mod becomes boring and eventually uninstalled and the popularity of the mod to be a big download will go down itself. This is not one of those times and this is just a beta mod for the game Knights of the Old Republic.

JediMaster76 makes his FileFront debut creating a new character for you to use in your party. He also created some new areas to explore and added other types of content. The main focus of this mod however is the new recruit and what happens. It’s a Jedi you meet on Dantooine who has fell to the dark side of the Force. His name is Zaen Benax. So who is the lucky member who got replaced? It’s T3-M4. T3’s importance was to get you in the Sith Base on Taris. Once that is over, you don’t need him again and he really didn’t have a lot of depth to him like he does in TSL.

Since this is a beta mod, that means there is more content to be updated and added to this mod. One of the things to look for is a new head instead of using the 5th male Caucasian head and audio dialog like what Inyri Forge did for Recruitable Kay. I just can’t stand mute dialog so that will be a welcome addition to future updates. The question is will the author have the persistence to keep up this project, or will it be abandoned later on? Let’s hope for those who want to see how this turns out later that the author will finish what he starts. Enjoy the beta mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Knight of Alderaan Mod
KOTOR 1 mod
created by JediMaster76 5/31/08

This mod is an add-on mod to KoTOR 1. This mod started out as a Recruitment mod, however, so much content that was relatively unrelated to Zaen's story was added that it was adapted into a general add-on mod. This mod adds two new modules, one new recruitable character, several new items, 
new dialog, a new type of enemy unit, and a decent amount of either new NPCs or old NPCs that have been added to new areas.

=====Summary of Major Plot Additions=====
*The first major addition to the game is the inclusion of Zaen Benax, a Alderaanian who has killed a Jedi and is now on the run from the Jedi Order. His story begins several quests, including meeting a Jedi Master on Tatooine, killing a lustful Jedi on Dantooine, and a fight on the Ebon Hawk.

*I always thought it was odd that the only Jedi you saw (that weren't being killed by Malak) were seen on Dantooine and the Star Forge. Of course they were being hunted by Malak, but I honestly doubt Malak would scour worlds like Tatooine for Jedi. 
Keeping that in mind, I have added about five Jedi that you can encounter on your journey, some you have met before, some are brand new. Whether they are familiar or not, each of them plays a key role in the story.

*In the quest entitled "The Fate of Aranod and Silvas", you learn of a former Jedi Padawan named Silvas who was captured by the Sith during the fight for the Endar Spire. His quest starts on Taris, when a Republic soldier informs you of his Master's fate.
It is left up in the air until Korriban, when you enter a newly added tomb and learn of Silvas' fate.

*Finally, you learn that Malak has been experimenting with Sith troopers in experimental procedures known as the ARC project. The subjects of the aforementioned project you first meet in the Tomb of Simus. However, they play a major role as you progress in the story, until you 
eventually meet their creator and attempt to put an end to the ARC project.

*Every one of these stories come to an end in two new areas, Zaen and the ARC project's stories end on Alderaan, a new planet you can visit after you escape the Leviathan (post-BETA). The tale of Silvas and the Jedi ends on Dantooine,
which you can now travel to after you complete the Leviathan and attempt to liberate the Enclave from its Sith occupiers.

=====Future post-BETA Changes=====
*A custom head on Zaen, Theoclymenos, and Silvas.
*Implementation of several new items and minor quests.
*Replacement of all of T3's post-Dantooine dialog.
*The Jedi Enclave will be remodeled so it actually looks like it's been destroyed.
*Possibly a mission on a cruiser before landing on Dantooine (during Liberation).
*A new planet to visit - Alderaan.
*A way to reach Dantooine and the Tomb of Simus without talking to Theoclymenos and Galon Lor, respectively, plus, a way to leave Dantooine without talking to C8-44.

Extract all the files in the "For Override" folder into your Override, and "For Module" folder into your Module folder. Starting a new game is desirable both for best results and to unlock all the new content. You should back-up any .2da and global.jrl files you may have in your override before installing this Mod.

Remove or delete all these files from your Override and Module folders.

=====Known Bugs and Issues=====
*Because Zaen replaces T3, he appears below the center on the alignment/level up page. This is because T3's model center is lower than the other party members (thanks to RedHawke's Recruit RH readme for the info.)
*If you choose to fight the Jedi, Zhar will go from hostile back to neutral and unkillable after about 5 seconds after being hostile. This probably has something to do with one of the scripts attached to him.
*Vandar doesn't wield his lightsaber, he fights unarmed instead.
*During the fight inside the Hawk, several of your party members might end up dying. Though they die permanently, exiting and reentering the Ebon Hawk will "revive" them.
*During the liberation of Dantooine sequence, some things will be fine-tuned for the post-BETA release. For example, the Jedi and Dark Jedi will face each other when they spawn, there will be cutscene initiated combat, the Jedi that follow you as puppets now will instead walk on predetermined waypoints, etc.
*During the liberation of Dantooine, if you walk to far ahead of your Jedi puppet allies, they will appear "on top" of your current party leader, rendering yourself unable to move. While this will not be a problem in the final release, you can simply switch out party members to get rid of the bug in BETA.
*Doors are missing from Dantooine and the Tomb of Simus. This was done on purpose, and doors will be re-added for the post-BETA release.
*Theoclymenos' "Animus of Wisdom" crystal may not give the bonuses it says it does.

=====Reporting Bugs or Mod issues=====

If you email me a bug report, mark it as "Knight of Alderaan mod issue"

=====Acknowledgements & Thanks=====
Thanks go to...
*Darth Nandis, HdVaderII, and EnderWiggin, HodgePodge, Ferc Kast, Marius Fett, and sithspecter for helping me fix my scripts.
*stoffe for helping me figure out the dialog tree problem that had plauged me for several days.
*Darth InSidious and Seamhainn for helping me understanding doors in the .git file.
*Fred Tetra for his KOTOR tool.
*Darth333, TK-102, T7nowhere, and stoffe for their tutorials on modding. 
*Redhawke, Tanesh, Master Zionosis, and Inyri for their amazing recruitment mods which both inspired me and offered me source scripts to help me along the way. :)
*And you, for playing KOTOR/TSL and downloading this mod.

This Mod can only be hosted on LucasFiles, Filefront, and my own website unless permission is given. If you would like to use any character/plot device of this mod in your own mod, email me or PM me on Lucasforums. Source files may be used without permission.
You may edit this mod solely for your personal use. You may not redistribute an editted version of this mod.

This Modification is not made/supported/distributed by Bioware, Obsidian, or Lucasarts Entertainment Company and/or its licensors. Knights of the Old Republic I and II are owned by LucasArts and their respective creators/licensors. 
Bioware, Obsidian, and Lucasarts Entertainment Company and their respective licensors are not responsible for any harm that may come to your computer or KoTOR I game disk for installing and using this mod.

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