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Recruitment mods can be fun if you’re into trying out new characters to play with as a potential new party member. Authors tend to go the d...


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Recruitment mods can be fun if you’re into trying out new characters to play with as a potential new party member. Authors tend to go the direction of a Jedi class majority of the time, but there are occasional times you don’t get a new Jedi, but another organic. This mod for the first time I believe ever on this site, we get a new droid recruit that is for the first Knights of the Old Republic game.

DarthLeomar brings us droid, LD-29. This is a war droid that will either replace T3-M4 or Juhani. You get to choose which party slot you want to be replaced. This droid will start off at Level 1 and will be under the class of Minion. I honestly thought it would be under the combat droid class. Anyway, this droid will not be very strong. It will start off at:

Strength 12 Dexterity 8 Constitution 8 Intelligence 6 Wisdom 8 Charisma 8

He also has no skills. The only skills he starts off with is an awareness of 2. Everything else is zero. I’ll be honest – what is the point of this droid? He’s not very strong and he’s not very intelligent. What good does he do for you? I just think this move will make him not very popular. The only thing I can think of is he’ll add a challenge will traveling with him is all I can think of. Maybe advanced players may want him.

He’ll come with a blaster and an extra long sword for your inventory. There is also a bug in this mod that the author said he can fix; he just hasn’t yet so expect to see that in a future update. Instructions on how to get him is also in the readme file. Enjoy the challenge this droid will give you! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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LD-29 Recruitment v.89b
Created by Leoril Darkeyes the Jedi Master of Taris, LD's 1-20 
were originally used to help the Jedi Master with his 
calculations. But when the Mandalorian War started, 
The Jedi Master thought he should play it safe. He experimented 
with LD-20 to create LD-21, a brute force droid.LD-29 is the 
latest of the series. Rumor has it that Leoril Darkeyes has died, 
and his properties were sent to his friend Kelton in Dantooine, 
the only family he had known. But other rumors state that he 
escaped Taris and he might be making a LD-30...
1. Copy all files (except for this readme) into Override folder.
2. Play!

1. Go to Aratech Mercantile in Dantooine.
2. Admiral Kelton shall approach you.
3. Talk to him and choose choices asking about getting droids.
4. Choose party member to be replaced (T3 or Juhani)

When you choose the Juhani spot, BOTH T3 and Juhani will be
replaced. I know how to fix this, and require patience.
If you find anymore bugs PM Darth Betrayal at LucasForums.

-DarthBetrayal, DarthLeomar.


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