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Ever wanted to have a short (or more likely, double-bladed) lightsaber right from the get-go on Dantooine? It's certainly feasible; crystals and mechanical components aren't in short supply at the Jedi enclave, and the PC would likely have received training there dealing with double-sided (or short) weapons. It was probably for gameplay rather than plot reasons BioWare didn't allow players to get the more powerful sabers so early one in the game, but all the same it was rather odd.

Anyways, this mod allows the PC to choose whether to build a standard, short or double saber when talking to Zhar, as well as pick its color. The dialogue contains numerous grammatical errors and detracts from the immersion somewhat, but as that doesn't hinder with the mod's main purpose it's not terribly important. Overall a good idea I'm surprised no one tried at yet.

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-Emperor Devon



Lightsaber Choices

Author: 	Deadly Stream
Email: 	stream[at]deadlystream[dot]com
MSN: 	mattie_lewis[at]msn[dot]com

Name: 	lightsaberchoices.zip
Size: 	35 kb
Date: 	Friday, 18 January 2008


First off I want to thank "The Padawan" this mod was entirely his idea, I just made it - which took all of thirty minutes to do.

When you first arrive at Dantooine, you start your training to be a Jedi, after a long dialog/cutscene of your player learning the ways of the force - Master Zhar sends you off to Master Dorak who will guide
you through choosing a lightsaber crystal.
You speak to Dorak and he tells you about the colours of a lightsaber, although you only get to choose, blue, green & yellow, what position within the order they're associated with and then you get to choose
your class and colour.
You go back to Zhar and then you make your lightsaber. Now here is where this little mod comes into effect, normally you'd go to the workbench, fiddle around with nothing and look like a total pleb while
doing it, by you I mean your PC not you personally - I'm sure you don't look like a pleb, anyway after that you then have a nice whatever colour you chose lightsaber.
What this mod does is, before you go over to the workbench, you'll have two questions to answer - the first is what kind of lightsaber you'd like and the choices are;

    * Standard Lightsaber
    * Double-Bladed Lightsaber
    * Short lightsaber

The second question is which colour would you like, now it is important what you select here because you won't get the colour you told Dorak earlier you will get the colour you select now.
Anyway we now have more choices, you can select any default game colour you'd like instead of just blue, green or yellow. The choices are;

    * Blue
    * Green
    * Yellow
    * Red
    * Purple

After selecting the type and colour of the lightsaber, your PC will go to the workbench and look like a pleb while fiddling with nothing, like normal.

If you already have a file called dan13_zhar.dlg in your override folder, or packaged into a .mod file, then you will have problems with this, if this is the case PM on Lucas Forums or mine (deadlystream.com)
with the name of the mod that file came from and I'll contact the author and see if I can make them compatible.

There shouldn't be any bugs or glitches with this but if you do find one please let me know.


	Copy the 'override' folder into your main KOTOR2 directory. To uninstall delete the files 'dan13_zhar.dlg' & 'deadly_g1 - g15.ncs' from your override folder.

General Notes:
	Always backup your override & saves folders on a regular basis incase you install a mod that screws up your game - although this one shouldn't. I am currently working on another mod for TSL that adds
a new mini side mission to lightside characters and at the end Atton will gain a Jedi friend, check out my forum for more info.


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