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What many users loved about Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords was the ability to check lightsaber forms for certain types of situations, especially duels that were going to either be somewhat of a challenge or very challenging to help get an extra advantage. This was one of the many great new features Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords had to offer.

What I think is great is when modders find ways to give those types of great features into the first Knights of the Old Republic game. Deathdisco is back. He’s the author who brought us the hit mod Coruscant – The Jedi Temple for Knights of the Old Republic II: This Sith Lords is back with this fabulous mod for Knights of the Old Republic. In fact, it was a year ago today that his Coruscant mod went up on this site. This mod that he gave us used to be on PCGM and we're glad he finally decided to upload it here. :)

There will be seven forms you can use during game play now. Those are listed in the readme and what types of bonuses you get from them. To use them in the game, the author made them into armbands and those have the different bonuses that those forms gave you in TSL. Some of them require certain feats to use them. Information how to get them and is in the readme file also. It’s really self explanatory and there is a screenshot to give you a visual on how to get them on the Ebon Hawk after you get the first one after constructing your lightsaber. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Lightsaber Forms for KOTOR1

This mod introduces Lightsaber forms for Knights of the Old Republic.
I have created armbands to represent the seven different Lightsaber forms. 

Armbands presented the most feasible way to be able to switch between forms.
Unfortunately there are limitations to using armbands ie: you can't increase
or decrease damage (since it's not a weapon), or add a negative value to an attack
modifier. To compensate I did things like edit the strength attribute to adjust damage(+/-)
as a workaround.

Form I - Shii-Cho

The Determination Form, also known as Shii-Cho
or Form I, is the basic style taught to beginners.

Attack Bonus:  +1
Defense Bonus  +3
Feat Required: Jedi Defense

Form II - Makashi

The Contention Form, also known as Makashi or Form II,
was specifically developed to combat other lightsaber users.

Attack Bonus:  +3
Strength:      +4  
Defense Bonus: -3
Bonus Feat:    Critical Strike
Bonus Feat:    Improved Critical Strike
Bonus Feat:    Master Critical Strike
Bonus Feat:    Dueling
Bonus Feat:    Improved Dueling
Bonus Feat:    Master Dueling
Feat Required: Jedi Defense

Form III - Soresu

The Resilience Form, also known as Soresu or Form III,
is a non-aggressive defensive style developed by the Jedi
specifically to counter blaster weapons.

Defense Bonus:           +5
Blaster Bolt Deflection: +5
Strength:                -6
Feat Required:           Jedi Defense

Form IV - Ataru

The Aggression Form, also known as Ataru or Form IV,
it is an acrobatic style.

Attack Bonus:  +4
Defense Bonus: -4
Bonus Feat:    Force Jump
Bonus Feat:    Improved Force Jump
Bonus Feat:    Master Force Jump
Feat Required: Jedi Defense

Form V - Shien

The Perseverance Form,
also called Shien or Form V, is an aggressive form
that does not sacrifice protection from blaster fire.
It is most effective when facing blaster-wielding opponents.

Attack Bonus:            +2
Defense Bonus:           -4
Blaster Bolt Deflection: +5
Strength:                +4
Bonus Feat:              Advanced Jedi Defense
Bonus Feat:              Master Jedi Defense
Feat Required:           Jedi Defense

Form VI - Niman

The Moderation Form, also known as Niman or Form VI,
is strong in all situations, but has no dramatic strengths.

Attack Bonus:            +2
Defense Bonus:           +2
Blaster Bolt Deflection: +2
Feat Required:           Jedi Defense

Form VII - Juyo

The Ferocity Form, also known as Juyo or Form VII, is a
very precarious fighting style that borders on the Dark side.

Defense Bonus: -5
Attack Bonus:  +4
Strength:      +6  
Bonus Feat:    Flurry
Bonus Feat:    Improved Flurry
Bonus Feat:    Master Flurry
Bonus Feat:    Two-Weapon Fighting
Bonus Feat:    Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
Bonus Feat:    Master Two-Weapon Fighting
Bonus Feat:    Weapon Focus: Lightsaber
Bonus Feat:    Weapon Specialization: Lightsaber
Restricted to: Jedi Guardian


Extract all the files in the override folder to your 'Override' directory.
All source scripts are included in the nss folder. 
How to

On Dantooine, after completing the dialog with Master Zhar, the one that gives you the 
quest to complete the Jedi trials (right after you build your Lightsaber) check your inventory.
You will have received the Form I armband and a Jedi Holocron that will instruct you in the
other Lightsaber forms.

On the Ebon Hawk is a new computer in the main hold of the ship (the holo projector in
the center of the ship is now accessible). You can use the computer to access the Holocron.

Forms are learned at certain levels:
Form VI  - Level 10
Form III - Level 11
Form IV  - Level 12
Form V   - Level 13
Form II  - Level 14
Form VII - Level 16 (Jedi Guardians Only)

This mod is intended for the Main PC only. You may equip unused armbands on your Jedi NPC's
if you like or you can use the cheat console to add more armbands to your inventory for your
NPC's to use. 

The codes for the armbands are:



Any mods that us the "onenter" script for the Ebon Hawk will not be compatible with this one.
To uninstall simply delete the files extracted to your Override directory.

Thanks to:

All the modders that have released their source code.
Stoffe -mkb-, for helping me with a conditional script.
TK102 and Darth333 for their script examples posted in the Holowan Laboratories forum.
Fred_Tetra for his amazing KoToR_TooL

Holowan Lab Forum:


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