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There was a work in progress mod that has been cancelled recently. DarthDingDong was working on an “Ultimate Saber Mod” for the original [i...


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There was a work in progress mod that has been cancelled recently. DarthDingDong was working on an “Ultimate Saber Mod” for the original Knights of the Old Republic game. Plans were made to make individual lightsaber hilts for different party members and other characters in the game.

However, the author decided to make it so it wasn’t a total loss by releasing the work he has done so far. In this saber hilt release pack, there are eight different hilts to play with. However since this is a cancelled project, you will only get the models, textures, and the UTI files to get access to them in the game. Basically the author is letting you mod with them for your personal use because they’re not going to be upgradeable lightsabers which means no saber crystal changing either.

Sure, you could be upset with the lack of upgradeable lightsabers in this mod, but keep in mind that DarthDingDong did not have to release this and is trying to do you guys a favor so feel fortunate that he even released anything at all. Most authors when they cancel mods do not release anything which could have been the case here so don’t be upset for the author not going all out and making saber crystals for them and making them upgradeable. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'saber_resource.rar' (2.86MB)


AUTHOR: DarthDingDong
NAME: Lightsaber Hilt Resource Pack
CREDITS: Quanon, for three of the sabers in the pack.


DESCRIPTION: This isn't so much a mod as a modders resource, there are eight saber models in the download archive, originally intended for the K1 USM, which has been cancelled. I thought it would be a shame to let the models go to waste, so i made them available as this modders resource for you guys to use in your own mods. You may download the models and use them normally ingame (as uti files are included) though if you are a modder looking to use the models in a mod, you will have to alter the uti files etc yourself.


Since this is primarily a modders resource, you MAY use these models in your mods without asking, though you have to give both Quanon and myself mention in the credits.

Installation Instructions for "users":

If you are downloading these sabers just to use ingame, you have to copy and paste the saber files into Override.

If you are a moddder using the models in a mod however, you should already know what to do. ;)

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