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Ok here we have a mod that overwrites the male (white) PC head #5 into one that looks like Luke Skywalker. With a lot of squinting I managed...


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Ok here we have a mod that overwrites the male (white) PC head #5 into one that looks like Luke Skywalker. With a lot of squinting I managed to make it look like a possible Han Solo. This DOES NOT look like Luke Skywalker at all I'm afraid :(

I think the author needs to step back a bit and take some more time and try and work out a new way to create a workable Luke. The head model doesn't really suit the intended purpose of this mod. More editing of the skin and a better choose of head model is needed. When I look at the skin there wasn't really much changed at all. If the author does decide to have another crack at him, my suggestion is to have a good hard look at your reference pictures and maybe include some light and darkside transitions.

Good job on creating a new head mod, we don't see many here at Kotor2Files. Keep persisting with it and you will get it right.

- JediKilla

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Mod Title: Luke Skywalker PC Head (KOTOR I)

Mod Author
Name: Captain_H

Main File Information
DATE RELEASED: 7/16/2006


Mod Description:
This mod changes the Male White PC head number 5 into Luke Skywalker.

Mod Background:
When the mod that added Luke Skywalker robes from Return of the Jedi came out
I was expecting a Luke Skywalker Head after.  Since one has not come out
I decided to make a Luke character.  This mod only changes the head texture
files including the gui icon.


File Listing:
Main Head Texture

Gui Texture


Installation Instructions:
To install copy the .tga files into the override folder.  You can also 
use the KOTOR Mod Manager it you so wished.

Uninstallation Instructions:
To uninstall any one or all of these items, just delete the mod files from 
the override folder.  If you used the KOTOR Mod Manager be sure to 
deactivate the mod through it.

Known Issues:
There shouldn't be any game issues with this mod.  Though if any issues come up with using this mod then please let me know.

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