Malak's Arm Band

Disguises are fun, aren't they? I once made just over one hundred disguise items for the two Knights of the Old Republic games...befo...


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Disguises are fun, aren't they? I once made just over one hundred disguise items for the two Knights of the Old Republic games...before I lost all my old files. But enough about me. ;) Revan18 joins the KotOR modding community with a disguise mod that is more than a disguise mod; not only does it make you look like Darth Malak, but it gives your attributes quite a boost, and there are a few other properties that you'll probably want to find out for yourself. ;)

One caveat: the Malak model does not have all the animations that the player character models have, so some battles might not be visibly pleasing (i.e. he'll look like his hands are paralyzed :P). Other than that, there aren't any problems. The description could have used an editor, but who cares about descriptions? ;) Just drop the .uti file into your Override folder and you'll be set. You'll need to use the cheat console or the savegame editor to add it to your inventory, though. If you ever wanted to look like Malak, well now's your chance! :)

NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.


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Creator: revan1990
E-mail me mod ideas so then it will encourage me to make more mods.

Discription: This arm band turns your character into Darth Malak.  Of course, it does not change your alignment, but you can change it yourself, of course. Anyways, it also increases all of your attributes to +10.  It makes you immune to fear, a couple other things.  I won't give away too much info so then you can just check out all of the info yourself when you put it in your game.

Installation: Just put it in your Override folder.  During gameplay, drop down thecheat console by pressing the ` or ~ button and type in: "giveitem malak_arm_band" without the quotes.

Uninstallation: Just simply remove the file called malak_arm_band.uti from your Override folder.


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