Mandalorian Battle Blades (Bat'leths)

I would like to personally welcome Darth InSidious back to FileFront, his first mod since Tomb of Azgath N'Dul back on December 26. Darth I...


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I would like to personally welcome Darth InSidious back to FileFront, his first mod since Tomb of Azgath N'Dul back on December 26. Darth InSidious is a well known Holowan member and a good modder as well. People who have had the opportunity to get to know him will find out how nice of a guy he really is. We’re grateful now that the community here at KotorFiles will get a chance to know him and his work.

The first mod of many that we will be getting from the author is a new sword for the original Knights of the Old Republic game. It’s hard to describe the shape, but it’s sort of like a double-edged sword, but it’s meant to be a single blade, so you can use two at a time for double the trouble. ;) In fact, this mod comes with two different versions of this new type of sword. The new swords are named after the Mandalorians that used to use them.

The stats for these new swords are the readme and how to access them. Yes, you will need to use the cheats to get them. :p One of the swords are meant for Mandalore has slightly better stats than the other sword. They are really great additions to the site. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'di_mbb.7z' (39KB)

[KotOR] Mandalorian Battle Blade(s) (Bat'leths) by Darth InSidious

These deadly blades were favoured by the Mandalorian warriors. 
A warrior would make his first battle blade after his first victory in battle. 
They are each utterly unique, and it is very rare to find one that is not with 
it's owner - most great Mandalorians were buried with their blade.

Damage Bonus Unstoppable 1-6
Defence Bonus Melee 2
Damag Bonus Slashing 1-4
Attribute Restriction Strength >=16
Attack Bonus Melee 4
Attack Bonus vs. Light Side Melee 2

To get this in-game type "giveitem g_w_lngswrd91" without the quotes in the console.
"giveitem g_w_lngswrd92" for Mandalore's Battle Blade, which has slightly better stats.


Put all the files here into your override.


Take them all out again.

Got an issue with the mod? Object to its existence? Don't like the colour? Contact me either at, or by emailing [email protected]


Many thanks to the kind folk of Holowan Labs, to whom I am eternally indebted.


All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts and Bioware.
KotOR Tool belongs to Fred Tetra, and NWNNSSCOMP belongs to Edward T. Smith.
Also, if you're going to re-use this, or any part of this mod in another 
mod and upload that mod somewhere, you MUST seek my permission first. In the 
unlikely event that I say no, don't go ahead and upload it anyway. 
That is a sure-fire way to annoy me.  Likewise if you intend to upload this mod 
anywhere other than where it is now.

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