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This mod gives Mission several varying types of Mandalorian armour; the skins are adequately done with a considerable amount of skill. If you are board of Missions usual appearance and fancy having her wearing some custom Mando armour, then this mod is just for you! As with most skins; this is a matter of taste - a look at the screenies will prove most useful in establishing if you want this Mod in your game. Unfortunately irish_laddy didn't use Stoffe's TSL Patcher, so if you have other mods that modify appearance.2da you will need to combine the appearance.2da to get other appearance mods working in game.

Enjoy -- Jonathan7

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Download 'mandalorian_mission_reskin.rar' (1.6MB)

Mission Mandalorian

================= Installation ================
Simply choose a mission mandalorian colour and put both files into the Kotor Override Folder

================= Discription ================
Well Darth Payne asked me to create mission in mandalorian battle armour so i did to test myself at skinning and its done basicly although! you can add armour to mission and the armour doesnt appear only the mandalorian armour appears.

================ Thanks ====================
Thanks Darth Payne for giving me the idea for creating the mod and helping me in modding issues i needed help with

=============== Uninstall ====================
Basicly remove the P_MissionBA01 and the Apperance.2da files form your override

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