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One of the things people liked best about Knights of the Old Republic was the Mandalorians, and with Episode 2: Attack of the Clones released in 2002 and Knights of the Old Republic released in 2003 it's easy to see why. Everybody loved that there was a Mandalorian in your party, and that you could eventually wear a full suit of neo-crusader armor. However as you can see clearly in a basic play-through, there are three types of Mandalorian armor: blue, red, and yellow. You can only ever obtain a suit of the blue armor in an unmodded game, however.

And this is why we love modded games. Back in June 2005 Shem gave us his Mandalorian Assault Armor mod, allowing both Canderous and the player to wear all three types of Mandalorian armors. Over two years later we're graced with a second version of the mod, adding yet a fourth armor variant that isn't seen in the vanilla game. This particular color variant is kind of a greyish black, very similar to Mandalore's armor as seen in Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. This armor comes with some pretty pimpin' bonuses, which you can check out in-game for a nice surprise, so be prepared for Canderous to rock your world. Of course if you pick up the other three armors near his position in the Taris Undercity, you can be pimpin' too. ;)

As with the last version, this mod also affects Jagi, Canderous's old Mandalorian war buddy. When you find Jagi during Canderous's story arc you will notice that he now dons the yellow Mandalorian armor. But be prepared for a nasty surprise when you face him -- don't come unprepared! Also, as an added side-note, the Mandalorians on Dantooine are also modified, so be prepared for some tougher fights early on in the game. But for all your hard work you will be able to strip the armor from their corpses, so patience has its due rewards.

This mod uses the TSLPatcher for 2DA compatibility and increased ease of installation. Great update, Shem!

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Title: Mandalorian Ultimate Mod
Author: Shem
Date Released: 11/20/07

Description: We’re going to go Mandalorian crazy with this mod.  This is an update to my original release over three years ago (has it already been that long?).  This will give you the opportunity to wear all three different colors of the Mandalorian armor that BioWare made.  The updated version is you can get these armors in game play so you don’t have to cheat and they have their own custom icons.  The first time you get an opportunity to wear them is located at the Taris Lower City.  There is a dead Twi’lek that has a copy of all three of them plus something extra to help you on your journey.

Since Canderous is an Mandalorian, he’s got some changes.  Just for Canderous only since he is next in line to become the next Mandalore during the events of the game, he gets to wear dark Mandalorian armor.  You will see him running around Taris before he joins you in that armor; however when he joins your party he will be in his default clothing so that he won’t always look like he’s wearing the dark armor no matter what you put on him.  Lots of people complained about that in the first release, so this is updated to stop that.  Canderous’ clothing will have most of the abilities the armor has in this mod; the only difference would be a lower defense rating.  His clothing does have a custom icon.

Mandalorians on Dantooine will be upgraded and will drop their armor so you can get multiple copies to use or to sell since they’re expensive.  Jagi, a Mandalorian looking for revenge on Canderous will be wearing the armor and he has a surprise for you when you confront him on the Dune Sea of Tatooine.  There are other surprises to expect making this a Mandalorian fan’s dream come true.

Special Thanks: This goes to Inyri Forge for helping understand the TSL Patcher and showing me more how to use it and of course to Stoffe for making it.  Also a big thanks as always to Fred Tetra for making the KOTOR Tool.  Thanks a bunch! :D

Instructions: Use the TSL Patcher to install this mod!


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