Meeshman's Zabrak PMHC01 Head

When the developers of Knights of the Old Republic made the selectable heads to choose from for your prayer character, they were all...


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When the developers of Knights of the Old Republic made the selectable heads to choose from for your prayer character, they were all human selections. They were male and female and you could be either Asian, Black, or Caucasian. The one thing they left out was different types of species to choose from.

One popular species among Star Wars fans was the zabrak. They were first introduced to us in 1999 in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. We were introduced to two of them. The one that sticks out the most of the two was Darth Maul and the other was Eeth Koth. They’re very human like, but they have horns going out of their heads and some have tattoos on their faces and males don’t have facial hair.

In the first time in 10 months, Meeshman brings us another Knights of the Old Republic mod. The author is very talented with skinning, but this by far is the best mod he’s ever created. He made it so you can select a zabrak head that replaces the 1st male Caucasian head selection. The fact he’s got a working head with the changes that were made is remarkable. Many authors have struggled with this in the past. Many thanks to Kha who helped him make the head work. Kha is very talented in editing models in KOTOR.

You have two skin selections to choose from; one with tattoos and one with none. They have dark side transitions and custom portraits. This is by far one of the greatest head mods to grace the KOTOR community. Enjoy the new head! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download '' (5.52MB)

Meeshman's Zabrak PMHC01 Model/skin

This gives PMHC01 Zabrak horns.
I made two skin versions, one with no tattoos to help you do reskins of this 
and one with tattoos which is my personal one.
The idea was for you to reskin it to your liking but you can use mine if you 
want.  Portraits by Shem, thankyou.

Big thanks to Kah who helped me extensively.
And Big thanks to Shem who single handedly did the portraits.

Bioware: original model and skin
Meeshman: eddited model and skin
Shem: portraits

Intall: Unzip the contents of either bald or my personal skin to your Kotor 
Overide directory along with the two pmhc01 files.

If you have any problems, requests, or you want to release a reskin of this 
email me @
[email protected]

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