Ever noticed that some of the best items in Knights of the Old Republic, you can get in the game are rare and if they are sold by a merchant, they’re going to be expensive. Sometimes it’s hard to afford such items which can be very frustrating. Does it make you wonder why the Jedi Council when they sent you on your mission that they gave you a few thousand extra credits to help you on your journey?

Well, Mindtwistah graces us again with another mod that should be a help on your journey. If you read the strategy guide to Knights of the Old Republic, you will notice they recommend you going to Tatooine first. If you normally don’t like to do that first, you may change your mind once you see what this mod has to offer.

What this mod does is spawn a droid merchant in the docking area of Tatooine. Now keep in mind that in your current game, you must have not visited that module or this mod won’t work. You must have a saved game before you visited the docking area on Tatooine.

Anyway, now that I have told you what you must not have done to make this mod work, I’ll tell you what this mod does. It’s a droid merchant as explained earlier that gives you powerful items at a fraction of the cost. Yeah, some of those really expensive items that was just awesome are now cheap. Just want you need, right?

Once you are done making your purchases and you feel like destroying the droid, you can, a great way to play as a character on the dark side, right? Oh, and this droid does have custom dialogue with audio in it to really make this mod cool. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.





It's a new NPC that you can find at the tatooine spaceport. He will only spawn if you haven't
visited the area before. He is a merchant that sells some of the best items in the game for 1/4
of the original price. You can also choose to blow him up (Wich I like extremly much :P)
One of the best thing with this mod is that it has own voices created with Shit Talker.

Press the file Install Mind-Bot.exe

Bugs known: There are one common bug that I know of. It is that there are several 
copies of the Gizka Poison and the Krayt Dragon Pearl in the shop.

Permission: You can edit this mod how much you want. But if you wish to release it, you will have to send
it to me by email first.

Thanks tk102 for your dlgeditor.
Thanks to tk102 for his GFF editor.
Thanks Fred Tetra for your awesome KOTOR tool. Without it non of this would be possible.
Thanks Sekan for testing the mod
Thanks Jaundice for your Shit Talker
Thanks Holowan Laboratories for your help when I needed it and for that you woke up my will to mod.
Thanks to George Lucas for opening the galaxy for the rest of us.

This mod was made by Mindtwistah. Please visit my site at http://modholocron.isgreat.org/Index.htm

You can contact me on email: [email protected]

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