Mission Vao as Darth Talon



I actually know very little about Darth Talon’s character and the connection to Darth Krayt’s Sith order. However, many people are and very fond of the look of Darth Talon. She’s a red Twi’lek with black tattoos.

Well, DarthParametric making his FileFront debut brings you a mod that uses Darth Talon textures and it is converted into having Mission Vao look like her. The original textures were made two years ago by an author named Nineball and they’re used for this mod release with permission. I almost want to give a standing ovation to the author for that accomplishment since it is a topic I posted a news item about a couple of days ago and how often people were just not doing that.

Well, for the textures themselves. It’s well put together, but the contrast is way too high in my opinion. That is something that can be easily fixed in Photoshop if you like the work, but feel the same way I do about the contrast.

This mod will not change Mission into a Dark Jedi. If you’re looking at Mission as a Dark Jedi in the screenshots holding dual red lightsabers, just don’t let that deceive you. The author claims there are mods out there that can change that for you, or just use KSE. I actually disagree with the decision of the author, but to each his own. ;) The TSL Patcher is used to install this mod. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Knights of the Old Republic


DarthParametric (K1 Conversion)
Levi Davis (Original Textures)

Back in late 2006, Levi Davis (AKA nineball) put out a mod for TSL that allowed female PCs to
play as the Sith Twi'lek Darth Talon from Dark Horse's Legacy comic series. I quite liked the
look of it, but I never play as a female in KOTOR so it wasn't initially of use to me. However,
I was playing K1 at the time and, on an impulse, decided to try and convert it to a reskin of
Mission. I had never modded KOTOR before, so it was as much an exercise in learning some basic
techniques as producing the desired end result. After some trial and error I managed to get it
working and posted some screenshots in Levi's SWKnights thread. Levi gave me permission to
release it to the public as long as I gave credit for the textures. At the time I wasn't really
interested in that, and as I uninstalled K1 and moved on to other things, the files sat in the
Override folder, momentarily forgotten. Just recently, I reinstalled TSL and went back to
SWKnights after a long absence. Someone posted a thread about Sith tattoos and I recalled Levi's
mod. After browsing the thread for it again, I decided to dig out the Mission conversion I had
done and see if I could release it.

Reskins K1 NPC Mission Vao from a Rutian (blue) to Lethan (red) Twi'lek with black, full-body
Sith tattoos modelled after Legacy comic book character Darth Talon. NOTE: This mod does NOT
convert Mission into a Jedi/Dark Jedi. It is purely a cosmetic reskin. If you want to make
Mission a Jedi there are already a number of existing mods that do so. Alternatively, simply
change her class and add the appropriate feats manually using tk102's KOTOR/KOTOR2 Savegame
Editor (KSE).

Extract the archive and run TSLPatcher.exe. Follow the program's instructions to install the

This mod should be compatible with pretty much any other mod that uses TSLPatcher. If you are
using an older mod that comes with pre-modified appearance.2da and heads.2da files then you
MUST place them into your Override folder first. This mod (and any other that uses TSLPatcher)
will patch any relevant 2DA files it finds already existing in the Override folder to make
them compatible. The mod will NOT be compatible with any mod that changes/replaces Mission's 
texture/portrait/selection screen files. 

The original Darth Talon skin textures were taken from Levi Davis's "Darth Talon Selectable
Character for TSL" mod. Original thread here - http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2280581
Used with permission.

You can contact me via the SWKnights forums - http://www.lucasforums.com/member.php?u=108447

This mod may not be altered or distributed on other sites without the express permission of
the author.

This modification is provided as-is and is not supported by Bioware, Obsidian Entertainment,
LucasArts or their licensers/sponsors. Use of this file is at your own risk. Neither the
aforementioned companies or the authors are responsible for any damage that may be caused to
your computer by the usage of this file.

Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic and related properties are trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd.
and/or its affiliates. Bioware and the Odyssey Engine are trademarks of Bioware Corp. Obsidian
Entertainment is a trademark of Obsidian Entertainment, Inc. Darth Talon is a creation of John
Ostrander and Jan Duursema. Dark Horse Comics is a trademark of Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

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