Movie Style Dark Side Transitions

'"Please, Shem," said InSidious, "what do you call good?" "I call all mods good," said Shem; and instantly he vanished away and I...


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'"Please, Shem," said InSidious, "what do you call good?" "I call all mods good," said Shem; and instantly he vanished away and InSidious was alone with Inyri...'

And lo, it came to pass that InSidious, of the tribe of Holowan was elevated unto the Filefront. And a voice, liken unto an voice criéd out unto the wilderness: "You're in trouble now, folks!"

Meanwhile (and on a more serious note :p ), Shem graces us with another of his mods. More specifically, it's a re-do of the Dark Side transitions - that is, with the increasingly zombie-like appearance - pale flesh, cracked, almost varicose skin and glowy yellow eyes.

Now, a lot of people think these look a bit rubbish, and would rather that just the eyes changed, and so Shem has given us a mod that does just that for the default heads for KotOR. :)

But not just that! Shem has gone a step further, and, given Inyri's go-ahead, has made his subtler Dark Side transitions for Inyri Forge's KotOR Male Head Pack! :D

How do you like them apples?!

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.

- Darth InSidious

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Download 'k1dstransmod.7z' (3.5MB)


Title: Movie Style Dark Side Transitions
Author: Shem
Date Released: 1/1/07

Description: This is one of the biggest mod projects I've ever done.  What this does is have all 30 of the selectable heads you can choose from in KOTOR to have a realistic dark side transition.  The idea is to get rid of the zombie look and have just an eye change.  We saw how it works in Star Wars.  Anakin Skywalker is the best example of how his eyes with back and forth between normal looking to Sith looking.

So basically you're not going to look ugly anymore when going to the dark side.  In KOTOR, BioWare made four different skins for each head for turning to the dark side.  What I did is made it so you have two looks.  Normal eyes or Sith eyes.  To get to the Sith eyes, you need to get to the third of the fourth transition.  Choosing the third transition was easy because I believe you're finally down the dark path far enough to have an eye change and it's the transition the game uses for the "Revelation Scene" on the Leviathan.

Another thing to consider is we have seen people on the dark side and not have Sith eyes, so making you have to go down really far for you to show that you're a dark side follower seems real to me.  It maybe something to get used to at first seeing your level up menu and your character have their alignment showing red yet still looking normal, but I think this is a good change.  I also made new portraits for your normal look and your dark side look for each of the 30 heads.  That part took the longest to do in this project.

I also got permission from Inyri Forge to use all of her male Caucasian re-skins for this release to help prevent crying among the community since her head skins are very popular.  There is a new skin made by Inyri that is only for this release.  It's a new beard for the 4th male Caucasian head.  I also included a clean shaven skin that is my own work for the 1st male Caucasasian skin.  Inyri's goatee version of the 1st male Caucasian skin not only has her original release with the new eye color, but I have a version with the default blue eye color as well in case somebody wished it was available too.

Installation: If you want all the default looks in there, just put the files you see in the folder into the override folder.  The skins with alternate looks are in their own seperate folders.

Please Read: I'm assuming people will be screaming for a TSL version of this mod and I can't blame you all for wanting it.  I have not yet decided to do one yet because if I do that, it will be a even bigger project than it was for K1 since there are more heads to select in TSL and to match things up with the overall game, I would have to tackle the party members as well since some of them have dark side transitions too.  The thing is a couple of people have done this type of mod, but it crashed with PCGM and it's not on FileFront.  My personal schedule is going to heat up again so we'll see.  I'm not making any promises.

Special Thanks: This goes to Inyri Forge for letting me use her head skins for alternate head options.  Her readme files have been included in this release.


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