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Music Enhancement For K1

music_enhance_k1_10.zip —


Mod Rating: Between Basic and Advanced

Star Admiral makes their Filefront début, with work inspired by PastramiX (whose mod improved TSL sound quality). This mod does the same but for KotOR. While KotOR's sound quality was better than TSL, KotOR is now 5 years old, so this is a very welcome addition to the community.

To quote the author; "The music soundtrack has been remastered using the Miles Sound Studio from one channel audio with a sample rate of 22kHz and a sample size of only 8-bit to two channel stereo audio with a sample rate of 44kHz and a sample size of 16-bit. In addition, most of the MP3 files have ID3 tags so they can be copied and played on an MP3 player if desired".

It's mods such as this which greatly improve the gaming experience of KotOR that I love using, and also a pleasure to review mods such as this, as they certainly make all the time spent maintaining the site worth it! This is a mod that has certainly earned a permanent place in my KotOR directory.

Enjoy! -- jonathan7

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Music Enhancement For K1 Readme

Version: 1.0

Developer: Star Admiral

Date: 11/28/08

What This Mod Does:
Unlike the disaster that was the original soundtrack of TSL, the music of the original KOTOR was actually reasonably mixed. However, the quality was still lacking, as it was encoded in one channel with a sample rate of 22kHz and a sample size of only 8-bit. This mod, inspired by the excellently done remastering of the music of TSL by PastramiX, will remaster the music of KOTOR. All decodable music files were decompressed using Miles Sound Studio and subsequently remastered with two channel stereo audio with a sample rate of 44kHz and a sample size of 16-bit. The resultant files were then recoded as MP3 files at the maximum bitrate of 320kbps. In addition, the soundtrack files have ID3 tags attached to them so that you can put the entire soundtrack on an MP3 player.

Installation Instructions:
To install this file, there are several steps to follow. First, go to your default KOTOR installation folder, usually at C:Program FilesLucasArtsSWKOTOR and backup your entire StreamMusic folder. Keep it in a safe place in case you wish to uninstall this mod. Afterward, go to the StreamMusic folder that you will use and delete all the WAV files that do not begin with “al_”. Make sure that you leave the remaining WAV files inside the folder. Lastly, copy over all the files from this mod folder into your StreamMusic folder.

Uninstallation Instructions:
To uninstall this mod, delete the StreamMusic folder from your main KOTOR folder and restore the one that you backed up when you installed this mod. 

Compatibility Issues:
As this mod edits sound files only, it will be compatible with any other mod that doesn’t also change the sound files inside the StreamMusic folder. 

None that I know of. If there is, it is most likely due to a misnaming of a sound file. Contact me and I’ll see what I can do to fix the problem. On a side note, most of the sound files are remastered properly, but on testing this mod, I did locate one sound file that had some scratchy noise in it, most likely due to a faulty MP3 encoding. If there are any other sound files that have this problem, be sure to contact me and provide a description as to where the sound was playing so that I may recode it to eliminate the noise.

Contact Information:
You can email me at [email protected] or you can find me hanging out at the Holowan Labs at various times of the day under the user name Star Admiral. I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP.

A million thanks go out to all the people at the Holowan Labs who have tirelessly spoon-fed me information on modding either KOTOR or TSL, the geniuses who created the wonderful how-to modding tutorials, and the other modders whose work I shamelessly disassembled to learn how they did what they did. I’m looking at mainly DarthParametric, RedHawke, stoffe, ChAiNz.2da, TriggerGod, and Ferc Kast, without whom I could not have learned as much as I did. For this mod, I must also hand out thanks to PastramiX for remastering the music of TSL and to Sith Holocron for prompting me to start this mod. Hopefully this mod will live up to the high bars set previously for the TSL remastering. Thanks again. =)

Terms of Use:
Naturally, you can modify these files for your personal use. You also may use them in any mod if you would like, but please give me credit. That's all I ask.


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