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This is another interesting piece of restored content that we have here. Zbyl2 already has a history of restoring content to the Knights...


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This is another interesting piece of restored content that we have here. Zbyl2 already has a history of restoring content to the Knights of the Old Republic games, so why not add another piece? ;) The first Knights of the Old Republic game didn’t have nearly the amount of unused content left in the game like Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords did. What may surprise some of you is that the first Knights of the Old Republic has three Bink cut-scene videos in your movies folder that were unused in the game.

Zbyl2 took matters into his own hands and wrote a couple of scripts and created a new module file to restore these movies into game play. The interest in this will vary because some people will hit the escape button to skip the movie and get right to the game. That’s expected from people who have played this game for years. Among this group of people who like to skip the movies there will be some who will have interest to install this mod just to see how it plays out like just about anybody has when this game was new to them. Then there are people who like to soak up every moment if possible who really will take an interest in this.

The description of what you will get to see in these restored movies is talked about in the readme. Make sure you read the readme file to understand where certain files go because not all of them go into your override folder. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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NAME: New BIK movie
AUTHOR: zbyl2
CONTACT: PM me at lucasforums.

DESCRIPTION: This mod adding three new BIK movie that was cut from final release of the game, nothing big.
Restored movie are:
07_3 and 07_4 - Ebon Hawk escaping Sith's fighters. One is playing when you escape Taris, a second when you first time arrive to Star Forge.
05_9 - just before Carth talk to Admiral Dodoona, this movie with Ebon Hawk approaching to the Star Forge is playing.

INSTALLATION: File from "modules" folder in zip file move to "modules" folder in your main game directory, and from override to override.

UNINSTALLATION: Simply delete "STUNT_42.mod" from modules folder, and "k_ren_taris03.ncs" & "k_ren_unkturret.ncs" from override.

BUGS: I tested everything two times. It works perfectly! But, of course, if you find anything, contact me.

PERMISSIONS: You CAN't edit andor uploading this mod to other site without my permission! If you want a permission, contact me, you'll propadly get it.

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