New Exar Kun DoubleSaber Hilt



Mod Rating: Advanced

sketch42 brings us a lightsabre model which he originally made in 2005, and which, returning to the game four years later, he has generously decided to dig out and upload here. As you can see from the name and the screenshots, it is based upon the lightsabre wielded by Exar Kun. The screenshots, should, again, do most of the talking for this review, and really be your first port of call in deciding whether or not to download this mod.

Overall, the mod is good - the model is, as you can see, excellent, while the texture, though perhaps simple by the standards of the present, is no less effective in the game due to this. The author has also included a unique colour crystal for the lightsabre, which the readme tells us will react unusually with some upgrade crystals, which is a nice, and unusual, touch - as are the prerequisites for using the weapon. Not only this, but the author also found a unique placeable on which to put the item for picking up in-game without having to use cheat-codes.

On the negative side, the author didn't use the TSLPatcher to make the lightsabre compatible with other lightsabre mods, so expect incompatiblities - although given when this mod was made, that isn't a very fair critique, and the author did include helpful instructions in the readme for those who want to make the mod compatible with those they've already got installed.

N.B.: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.

-Darth InSidious



Description of Mod:
Adds 2 New items to the Game

1) Exar Kuns Prototype DoubleBladed Saber - upgradeable

- Attack Bonus +5
- Critical Threat Range 19-20,x2 Massive Criticals 3-22
- On Hit Fear 50% for 6 secs DC22
- Feats Required Master Two Weapon Fighting and Force Sensitive
- Damage Bonus, Energy 3-16
- Restricted to Darkside

2) Exar Kuns Prototype Crystal

- Will Effect ALL Upgrade Crystals (i tried to stay True to their Description)

Just extract the files to your Kotor Override directory. 
You can aquire this item at the cheat console by typing "giveitem g_w_dblsbr042" without the quotes 

If you do not want to use the chat you an pick this item up in on a corpse in Ajunta Pauls Tomb 
Along with a Datapad explaining what its doing there 

++ There is also an included upcrystals.2da file. 
If you are currently using this type of file (other lightasaber mod), 
DO NOT OVERWRITE with this one. Some editing will be required. 

Using Fred Tetra's Kotor Tool (see special thanks) 

-open your existing upcrystals.2da in your Override folder 

- Follow this diagram: 

================================================== ======================================== 
= ROW Label label template shortmdlvar longmdlvar doublemdlvar = 
= = 
= next # Kun G_W_SBRCRSTL42 **** **** G_W_DBLSBR042 = 
================================================== ======================================== 

The upcrystals.2da is compatible with:
- all RedHawk-Mods
- USA:Hefe(I)'s Obi Wan - Episode IV - Hilt
- JediKenobi's Jolee-Double Bladed Lightsaber
- T7Nowhere's Lightsabers
- Achilles01's Jedi Council Sabers sets
- J'ando's White Lightsaber
- J'ando's Orange Lightsaber
- illuzion69's Darth Nemisis Lightsaber
- numark79's KotOR Long Lightsaber

Just delete the files installed from your Override directory 

Special thanks to: 
-svösh for all his Excellent Tutorials and knowledge in G-max as well as allowing the use of his Cm_ManUn txi 
-Seprithro for all his help and patience in showing me how to model this saber 
-and of course the great Team at Holowan Labs for ll their Great Resources!!!! 

- Fred Tetra for the Kotor Tool app... without i'de be Lost... as if im not already :-p 

- cchargin for his MDLops proggy 

- Achilles for ALL the great tutorials which made this (my first mod) possible! 

and anyone else i may have forgotten thank you 

This Mod is not supported by LucasArts or Bioware. Do not contact them for support of this mod. 

LucasArts is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. Bioware and the Odyysey Engine are trademarks of Bioware Corp. 


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